The Best (And Worst) Head Shapes For Bald Men

Considering making the leap to being bald, but worried about whether it would look good? The best head shape for bald people can vary but some are definitely better than others. The best head shape for bald people is either oval, or something with strong lines like a square or diamond face. But there are … Read more

The Best Products For Bald Heads (2023)

As someone who has been shaving my head for almost two decades, I’ve had plenty of experience with different products and grooming techniques. In this post, I’ll be sharing my personal favorite products that I use to keep my bald head looking and feeling its best. From pre-shave scrubs to moisturizers, I’ll cover everything you … Read more

The Best Oil For Bald Heads

There are some great bald head moisturizers on the market, but lots of bald guys like to look for a more natural alternative. If this is you, there are lots of natural and organic oils with various benefits for a bald scalp. In this post, I’ll explore the benefits of each one, as well as … Read more

Do Bald People Use Shampoo? (Updated 2023)

Last updated: March 2023 People with hair often wonder whether bald people use shampoo, and lots of bald people don’t actually know whether they should be using it or not. The answer is yes, bald people should be using shampoo. However, it’s important to understand why so you can choose the correct one. I’ve been … Read more

Best Shampoo For Bald Heads

If you’re looking for the best shampoo for your bald head, you already know that having no hair doesn’t mean throwing away the shampoo. Bald people need to use shampoo just as much as those with hair, to keep their scalp clean and regulate the production of oil from the head. I’ve been shaving my … Read more

Balding at 20: Signs, Causes and How To Cope

Most young men worry about hair loss at some point, but for some, there’s a real prospect of balding at 20 years old. Firstly, yes, you can go bald at 20. It’s not common, but lots of men start balding early. I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years after losing my hair in … Read more

Norwood 2 Example Hairlines and Advice

If you’ve noticed your hairline changing recently, you may have started researching hair loss and stumbled across the Norwood scale. Stage 2 is where most people first notice their hair changing, and look for Norwood 2 examples to compare to their own hairline. I passed Norwood 2 in my early 20s and yes, I continued … Read more

How To Prevent & Treat Razor Bumps On The Back Of Your Head

Razor bumps can be a seriously annoying issue when shaving your head. They cause irritation and a burning sensation that’s uncomfortable, and they can lead to infections if you don’t properly care for them. In this guide, I’ll explain why you might be getting razor bumps, what you can do to soothe them, and ways … Read more

How To Cover Bald Spots

Bald spots can be stressful. This is problematic since stress is also one of the potential causes of bald spots – it can become self-perpetuating. Whatever the cause of bald spots, you might want to explore your options for covering them up, and understand which methods are more effective. In this guide, I’ll take you … Read more

Does Baldness Skip A Generation?

You might have heard the popular theory that balding skips a generation. While this can obviously happen sometimes, it’s a myth that it always happens. That’s not how genetics works. The science behind hair loss is complex and fascinating. I’ve unraveled the subject below by detailing how the hair loss gene is passed down the … Read more