Does Baldness Skip A Generation?

You might have heard the popular theory that balding skips a generation. While this can obviously happen sometimes, it’s a myth that it always happens. That’s not how genetics works. The science behind hair loss is complex and fascinating. I’ve unraveled the subject below by detailing how the hair loss gene is passed down the … Read more

Blocking DHT: Side Effects You Need To Know About

When combating the primary causes of hair loss in men (and in some women), one of the most effective treatment options is DHT blockers. But you might be wondering if there are any side effects of blocking DHT – is this a medication you can take freely, or are there risks associated? Does blocking DHT … Read more

Does Hair Decompose?

A lot of people wonder about the links between baldness and the decomposition of hair. When you lose hair, is the hair dying, and is it breaking down? Is there any way of stopping that? I’ve done a ton of research to see if baldness is related to decomposition, and in short: Want to know … Read more

Uneven Hairline and Hair Loss – Will I Go Bald?

If you’ve noticed that you have an uneven hairline, you might be worried that this is the start of a receding hairline or baldness. The good news is that it’s incredibly common. Few areas of your body are completely symmetrical, so why would your hairline be any different? However, there are a number of causes … Read more

Is Salt Water Good For Your Hair?

Ever visited the beach, enjoyed a dip in the ocean, and realized your hair feels like it’s healthy and has more volume than usual? Or are you the opposite? Have you noticed more tangles than usual and hair that feels heavy and quite dry? There’s a lot of debate about the benefits or risks associated … Read more

Is Head & Shoulders Bad For Your Hair? (2023)

Head & Shoulders has had amazing success since it was first created in the 1960s. However, there have been lingering concerns about whether the anti-dandruff shampoo is bad for hair.  Specifically, does it cause thinning and ultimately hair loss? Can the chemicals used in the product otherwise damage your hair? So is Head and Shoulders … Read more