10 Best Moisturizers for Bald Heads (2024)

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If you regularly shave your head, you’ll understand the importance of a moisturizer to manage that awful dry feeling on your scalp.

A good moisturizer is essential for your bald head, especially after wet shaving.

Bald head moisturizers
Bald head moisturizers

Key takeaways

  1. Best overall bald head moisturizer: Bald Boss by The Bald Brothers is my pick for best moisturizer for its all-around performance and cool, fruity scent.
  2. Natural solution: Jojoba oil is a great natural oil to use as a scalp moisturizer. It’s rich in vitamin E, non-greasy, and has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
  3. SPF is vital: Remember, many moisturizers lack SPF. It’s crucial to protect your bald head from the sun, so consider using additional sun protection.
  4. Application: Cleanse, pat dry, apply moisturizer in a circular motion, let it absorb, and reapply as needed.

Quick Comparison:

MoisturizerLinkBest for:SPF?FinishDiscount Code
The Bald Brothers Bald Boss Face & Scalp MoisturizerClick hereBest overallNoMatteHAPPY20
Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily MoisturizerClick hereBest with SPFYesMatten/a
HeadBlade HeadLube GlossyClick hereA shiny headNoShinen/a
HeadBlade HeadLube MatteClick hereA matte finishNoMatten/a
High Time Dare To Be Bald MoisturizerClick hereFlaky scalpsNoShinen/a
Mountaineer Brand Bald Head CareClick hereDry scalpsNoMatten/a
MANTL Face & Scalp Defence MoisturizerClick hereOily scalpsNoMatten/a
Freebird Refreshing Sandalwood MoisturizerClick hereSensitive scalpsNoShinen/a
Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba OilClick hereBest oilSomeShinen/a

What to look for in a moisturizer

  1. Fast absorbing: Choose a product that sinks in quickly without leaving a greasy residue. A moisturizer should provide immediate relief, especially after shaving which can leave your scalp dry.
  2. Non-sticky finish: Ideally, your moisturizer shouldn’t leave a sticky or slippery layer. The ideal cream disappears entirely, without any unpleasant tactile residue.
  3. SPF protection: Exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays increases the risk of skin damage and cancer, especially for bald heads. If your moisturizer includes SPF protection, reapply when in direct sunlight for extended periods, just like regular sunblock. If not, don’t forget to use sunblock on top of your moisturizer.
  4. Organic ingredients: Avoid moisturizers with harsh chemicals. Ingredients like alcohol can dry the skin, while others, like Propylene Glycol, can irritate. Look for natural ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin.  

Best Overall Bald Head Moisturizer: Bald Boss Face & Scalp Moisturizer

After a lot of trial and error with other products, I use this specialist scalp moisturizer for bald head care every day, and can’t recommend it enough. 

What’s more, if you click the link below and use the code HAPPY20 at checkout, you’ll get 20% off:

Bald Boss Moisturizer

The Bald Brothers

  • 20% off with code HAPPY20
  • Hydrates & soothes scalp
  • Prevents dryness/itchiness
  • Non-greasy
  • Smells amazing!

In my opinion, this is easily the best moisturizer for bald head maintenance. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of my scalp since I started applying this on a daily basis.

Why should you trust this review?

Expertise: I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years and for that entire time, I’ve used moisturizer to keep my scalp hydrated and reduce redness and soreness. 

Experience: Unlike many online reviews, I’ve tested Bald Boss and can recommend how effective it is from personal experience! Here’s my full review.

Me and my Bald Boss Moisturizer
Me and my Bald Boss Moisturizer


1. Long-lasting

A little goes a long way, which means better value for money than you might expect from a 60ml (2.1 fl. oz) jar. I always take care to apply a small amount, and I’ve never had to re-apply later in the day.

2. Non-sticky and non-greasy

Bald Boss doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue which is a must-have. Some moisturizers leave a film on your scalp which inevitably ends up all over your hands as the day goes on, but this isn’t an issue with this product.

The Bald Brothers' bald head care product range
The Bald Brothers’ bald head care product range

3. Great smell

I’m obsessed with the smell! I expected to find some kind of lemon extract in the ingredients but it’s actually apricot that seems to be producing the subtle scent.

It was so nice that I found myself smelling my hands after applying the moisturizer, but strangely enough, my wife declined the invitation to ‘sniff my head’!

My Bald Boss Moisturizer
My Bald Boss Moisturizer

4. Natural ingredients

Bald Boss contains lots of fruit, seed, and plant oils, as well as the apricot which I’ve already mentioned. All these ingredients make Bald Boss one of the best natural moisturizers for a bald head.

For me, it’s reassuring to see a company relying on natural ingredients, rather than leaning too heavily on unnecessary chemicals.

5. Quick-absorbing

Bald Boss soaks in right away which is ideal, especially after a shave. If I have to spend too much time rubbing moisturizer in when my scalp is sensitive after shaving, I find it can make any redness and soreness worse.

Bald Boss Moisturizer
Showing off my Bald Boss Moisturizer


1. No SPF

If Bald Boss also included sun protection, it really would be the perfect product.

Of course, you can just use a sunblock if you’re going to be outside on a hot day, but if you absolutely need SPF in your moisturizer, I’d go for the Bee Bald lotion below:

Best for SPF protection: Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer

Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer

  • Protects from harmful UVA/UVB Rays
  • Tones, hydrates, & moisturizes scalp
  • Reduces shine
  • Control oily secretions


1. Sun protection

Bee Bald Smooth Plus offers great protection against UVA and UVB rays, which is a massive plus.

I’ve burnt my scalp before and even though I moisturized after it still peeled, so using a product like Bee Bald with built-in protection from sun damage is a great way to avoid this happening again.

Sunburnt peeling bald head
Avoid this by using a moisturizer with SPF

2. Quick-absorbing

The product soaks in quickly, which means I don’t need to rub my scalp too much after shaving when it’s already feeling sensitive.

3. Non-greasy

I can always tell when I’ve applied Bee Bald’s moisturizer but it’s just ‘there’ rather than leaving any sticky residue. My scalp feels hydrated, but not greasy.

4. Smells great

The moisturizer has a subtle, manly scent that’s not quite as impressive as Bald Boss, but it’s definitely not unpleasant.

5. Value-for-money

Bee Bald Smooth Plus comes at a great price, but also lasts a long time. A small amount goes a long way​, and a bottle tends to last me a long time.


1. Matte

If you’re a fan of a good shine on your bald head, Bee Bald’s moisturizer might not ‘bee’ for you. It never completely eliminated my shine but it does aim to reduce it, so if you’d rather have a shiny bald head, consider the next option instead:

Best for shiny bald heads: HeadBlade HeadLube Glossy

HeadBlade HeadLube Glossy Moisturizer

  • Glossy, natural shine
  • Specially formulated for your scalp
  • Natural ingredients e.g. tea tree oil
  • Perfume and dye-free


1. Good Value

You’ll love HeadLube if you don’t want to replace your moisturizer too often. It lasts for ages because you can use a small amount to get a well-moisturized head and a solid shine.

HeadLube represents great value for money, as the 150ml bottle​​ is priced very reasonably.

2. Fast-absorbing

HeadLube ticks this important box, spreading well, soaking right in​​, and hydrating your scalp really well.

3. Non-Greasy

Another box ticked. HeadLube doesn’t leave any greasy feeling on the scalp, despite how well it moisturizes.

4. Long-lasting

HeadLube actually keeps your head hydrated longer than some more expensive products, without having to reapply​​.


1. Residue

If you don’t properly rub HeadLube into your scalp it can leave a white residue, although this shouldn’t be too much of an issue given how fast-absorbing it is.

2. Lack of SPF

Sun protection is important for people with shaved heads as we’ve covered, and it’s a shame more moisturizers don’t include SPF, including HeadLube.One user wished the product contained SPF for sun protection, which can be important for those with shaved heads

3. Shine

This should be obvious, but if you’re looking for a matte finish, don’t choose a gloss product. Instead, use the recommendation below:

Best matte finish: HeadBlade HeadLube Matte

HeadBlade HeadLube Matte Moisturizer

  • Reduces shine
  • Specially formulated for your scalp
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Keeps scalp healthy & hydrated
  • Natural ingredients e.g. tea tree oil
  • Perfume and dye-free


1. Reduces shine

If you’re someone who prefers a matte look, HeadLube Matte is the moisturizer for you. It’s extremely good at reducing the shine on a bald head, although depending on your skin type you shouldn’t expect the glare to be completely gone.

2. Value for money

The bottle is a good size for the price, just like the Glossy version.

3. Soothing

Both the Matte and Glossy HeadLube products are great for soothing shaving cuts and preventing razor bumps.

Shaving cut on my scalp
Shaving cut on my scalp

4. Non-greasy

HeadLube Matte moisturizes really well without leaving a greasy feel.

5. Fast-absorbing

The moisturizer spreads easily and soaks in quickly, thanks to its thin consistency.

6. Smell

HeadLube has a subtle, manly scent. It’s not quite as impressive as Bald Boss, but this product may be for you if you prefer a more modest fragrance.


1. Short-lived matte effect

The matte effect does not last the whole day, and you might need to reapply. Everyone’s scalp is different, but I don’t expect that many people will get a consistent effect all day.

Best for flaky scalps: High Time Dare To Be Bald Moisturizer

High Time ‘Dare To Be Bald’ High Sheen Moisturizer

  • Reduces flakes
  • Deep scalp hydration
  • Soothes and smooths
  • Contains natural oils


1. Reduces flakes

First and foremost, Dare To Be Bald effectively combats flakiness on bald heads, helping to minimize the appearance of dry, flaky skin.

When you’re tackling a flaky scalp, you need a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients. These can help calm irritated, inflamed skin that can lead to flaking.

High Time has included Tea Tree Oil in their moisturizer, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Tea tree oil can help reduce inflammation and fight the yeast-like fungus associated with conditions like seborrheic dermatitis (flaky scalp).

Tea tree oil has been used traditionally to treat various skin conditions due to its ability to soothe inflamed, irritated, or injured skin. These anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce symptoms of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

2. Soothing

Reviews suggest that this moisturizer helps soothe irritated and flaky skin, reducing discomfort and promoting a healthier scalp.

3. Moisturization

Dare To Be Bald deeply moisturizes and alleviates dryness on your bald head. This is one of the reasons it’s a good solution for those with flaky bald heads, as it’s super effective at restoring moisture to the scalp.

4. Non-Greasy

Like all good moisturizers, this product absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. This is useful for those with a flaky scalp as too much rubbing can make the problem worse, but this minimizes the time it takes to apply, and results in a smooth, non-oily feel.

5. Long-Lasting

Dare To Be Bald keeps your scalp hydrated throughout the day, whereas some moisturizers need to be re-applied.


1. Smell

High Time’s moisturizer has quite a strong and medicinal scent. If you have a strong sense of smell, this might not be ideal for you.

NOTE: A flaky scalp can be due to dry skin, but plenty of people have dry scalps without ever experiencing flaking. As these are often two distinct problems, I’ve recommended a moisturizer specifically to tackle dryness where flakiness isn’t an issue:

Best for dry scalps: Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care

Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care ‘Protect’ Moisturizer

  • Leaves skin hydrated & healthy
  • Natural ingredients nourish scalp
  • Non-greasy
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, and dyes


1. Hydration

First and foremost, if you suffer from a dry scalp you’re looking for a moisturizer that provides deep, long-lasting hydration. Mountaineer Brand provides this, relieving that terrible scratchy, dry feeling after a shower or shave, and helping to give your scalp a healthier overall appearance.

I don’t personally suffer from a dry scalp, but reviews show that the product prevents dryness, particularly in the harsh winter months when the elements can be brutal on a bald head.

Whether you have dry spots or your whole scalp is affected, Mountaineer Brand’s moisturizer is a great option if this sounds like a familiar issue.

2. Smell

The product is scented but the smell isn’t overpowering. Again, it’s not quite up there with Bald Boss in terms of fragrance, but it’s a crisp, minty smell that gives a sense of refreshment to the product.

3. Long-lasting

Mountaineer Brand’s moisturizer lasts a long time, as, like others, they’ve considered value-for-money and created a product that only needs a small amount to hydrate your whole scalp.

If you do have a particularly dry scalp you may need to use more, but relatively speaking it’s great value considering the price and how effective it is at combating dryness on your bald head.


1. No SPF

This is another moisturizer that lacks sun protection. It’s more effective at combating a dry scalp than others that do include SPF, but if you burn your head it’s going to dry out your scalp anyway.

If you suffer from a dry scalp, I’d recommend using Bee Bald Smooth with SPF 30 (see above) if you’re going to be out in the sun, and Mountaineer Brand for regular daily use.

2. Packaging

This is a minor point, but the label can rub off if it’s left damp over time. So, if you keep your moisturizer in the shower, this is something to be aware of.

3. Residue

I wouldn’t say the product is greasy or sticky, but it can leave a slightly oily residue on your head. If you normally suffer from a dry scalp, you’ll need to decide which is more important – avoiding dryness, or a completely residue-free scalp.

If you have the opposite problem and your scalp is especially oily, you might want to avoid this product. A lot of bald black men find their scalp is particular oily but don’t worry, there’s a recommendation for you below:

Choosing a bald head moisturizer as a black man

Black men’s bald heads often suffer from either dryness or oiliness, which are two opposite problems. 

If your head tends to be dry, look for a strong hydrating moisturizer like Mountaineer Brand (recommended above).

On the other hand, if your scalp is particularly oily, look for a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic. This is a fancy way of saying that the product won’t clog or block your pores but instead will keep them breathable to avoid acne breakouts.

This is because your oily scalp is caused by more active sebaceous glands, which produce the natural oil that lubricates and protects your head.

Here’s my recommendation for the best non-comedogenic bald head moisturizer for bald heads with oily scalps:

Best for oily scalps: MANTL Face & Scalp Defence Moisturizer

MANTL Age Defense Face & Scalp Moisturizer

  • Controls oil production
  • Revitalizes face & scalp
  • Made with vitamin B3 for hydration
  • Dermatologist-tested


1. Fast-absorbing

The moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy or heavy residue. If you have an oily scalp, the last thing you want is to deal with a moisturizer that just sits on top of your head instead of soaking into your scalp.

2. Non-greasy

This is a must for oily scalps. If you use a moisturizer that leaves a greasy residue, you’re only going to add to the problem, whereas MANTL’s moisturizer delivers strong hydration without additional greasiness.

3. Long-lasting

If you have an oily scalp, you don’t want to have to use a lot of moisturizer, as this will only add to the problem. MANTL is another brand whose moisturizer seems to last long and only needs a light application to deliver the hydration you’re looking for. 


1. Price

MANTL is a slightly more expensive moisturizer. However, the reality is that if you have a specific problem like an oily scalp, it’s worth paying more for a product that tackles this specific issue.

As mentioned above, it’s also long-lasting, so while you’re paying more for each bottle you won’t have to replace it as regularly.

Best for sensitive scalps: Freebird Refreshing Moisturizer

Freebird Refreshing Moisturizer: Sandalwood

Freebird Refreshing Moisturizer Sandalwood
  • Designed for sensitive scalps
  • Excellent hydration
  • Natural soothing ingredients
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Clean & fresh fragrance


1. Designed for sensitive scalps

Freebird (formerly Freedom Grooming) has chosen ingredients to bring relief to bald guys with sensitive scalps.

By blending natural ingredients, they’ve made a moisturizer that reduces irritation or discomfort, making it ideal for anyone whose scalp reacts to harsher products.

My Freebird moisturizer in my bathroom
My very own Freebird moisturizer sitting pretty in my bathroom

2. Natural soothing ingredients

With Allantoin and Centella Asiatica Root Extract in its ingredient list, Freebird’s moisturizer doesn’t just moisturize – it actively soothes.

These natural ingredients help calm irritated skin, making it particularly effective after shaving or during dry seasons.

3. Dual hydration

Freebird’s moisturizer isn’t just about immediate hydration; it’s about long-term skin health.

While it adds daily hydration, it also enhances your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture, ensuring your scalp remains well-moisturized and doesn’t dry out throughout the day.

Vegan & cruelty-free

Ethically-minded shoppers can breathe easy. Freebird is committed to producing products that are both vegan and cruelty-free.

So you’re not only taking care of your bald head, you’re also making an environmentally-conscious choice.

Clean & fresh fragrance

You won’t be left with an overpowering or chemical-like scent. There’s a fresh, subtle sandalwood fragrance, making it a practical daily moisturizer for sensitive scalps without that familiar ‘cosmetic’ smell.


Lack of SPF

Like many other scalp moisturizers, Freebird’s lacks sun protection.

Best moisturizing oils for a bald head

There are some great bald head moisturizers on the market, but lots of bald guys like to look for a more natural alternative.

If this is you, there are lots of natural and organic oils with various benefits for a bald scalp. There’s one that stands out, though:

Which oil is best for a bald head?

While there are lots of oils out there that moisturize, hydrate, and soothe itchy and irritated scalps, jojoba oil is the best all-round option. It’s rich in vitamin E for amazing hydration, has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and is super-absorbent and non-greasy.

If you’re looking for an oil to keep your bald head looking at feeling its best, you won’t go wrong with jojoba oil:

Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil

  • USDA organic certified
  • 100% pure, single-ingredient oil
  • Benefits for skin, scalp, beard, and hair
  • Lightweight and fast absorbing
  • Non-GMO certified, vegan & cruelty-free

Benefits of jojoba oil for a bald head

Jojoba oil has a number of benefits for a bald head. It’s a great natural moisturizer, which is kind to sensitive skin. It’s also a good option for anyone suffering from dry, flaky, or itchy skin due to its ability to soothe these and many other skin conditions.

One of the most significant benefits of jojoba oil for a bald head is its moisturizing properties. The oil is rich in vitamin E and other fatty acids that can penetrate deeply into the scalp to provide nourishment and hydration.

It also has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which helps maintain the natural pH balance of the scalp. This helps to reduce flakiness and dryness. The best part is, jojoba oil absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue behind.

If you have sensitive skin, jojoba oil is an excellent option for you. The oil is gentle and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those who are prone to irritation or allergic reactions.

oil for bald head

If you’re spending time outdoors, jojoba oil offers some protection against the sun’s harmful rays, but it shouldn’t be used as a sunblock. Jojoba oil has an SPF4 rating, which isn’t great, even compared to some bald head moisturizers which include SPF30 protection.

Sun damage on a bald head is not a great look and the dangers of skin cancer are very real. The safest option is to use an actual sunblock, wear a hat, or both. Learn more about tanning a bald head.

How to use jojoba oil on a bald head

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.
  2. Apply a small amount of jojoba oil to your fingertips and massage it into your scalp for a few minutes, covering the entire area.
  3. Leave the oil on your scalp for at least an hour.
  4. Rinse the oil with warm water and a gentle bald head shampoo.

How to Apply Moisturizer to Your Bald Head

Using your bald head moisturizer properly is just as important as choosing the right product. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your moisturizer:

Step 1: Cleanse Your Scalp

Before you apply moisturizer, it’s important to properly clean your scalp to remove any dirt, sweat, or oil that could prevent the moisturizer from absorbing properly.

Use a specialist bald head shampoo or head wash to avoid stripping your scalp of its natural oils.

Step 2: Pat Dry

Once your dome is clean, pat your scalp dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing, as this can cause irritation.

Your scalp should be slightly damp when you apply the moisturizer, as this can help lock in moisture. However, if it’s too wet the moisturizer won’t soak in properly.

Step 3: Apply the Moisturizer

Take a small amount of moisturizer (about the size of a small coin) and warm it up in your hands. Then, gently massage it into your scalp using circular motions.

Make sure to cover all areas, including the back of your head and behind your ears. If you accidentally use too much, treat yourself and rub the excess into your face.

Step 4: Let It Absorb

Give the moisturizer time to absorb before you put any hats on your bald head. This should only take a couple of minutes if you’ve used a good quality moisturizer, as all the best ones are fast-absorbing.

If your scalp feels greasy, you might have used too much. Use a little less next time and remember that different moisturizers need different amounts to properly hydrate your scalp.

Step 5: Reapply as Needed

Depending on your skin type, the moisturizer you use, and the climate where you live, you might need to reapply throughout the day.

If your scalp feels dry or tight, it’s a sign that you need more moisturizer. If it feels greasy or oily, use a little less but apply more frequently throughout the day.


How often should I moisturize my bald head?

Moisturize your bald head once or twice daily. You should be able to moisturize in the morning after a shower and be good for the day, but you may need to reapply later in the day if you have particularly dry skin or during bad weather.

When is the best time to moisturize a bald head?

The best time to moisturize a bald head is immediately after showering or washing your head. Hot water alone can dry your scalp, while moisturizing will relieve this dryness. Some people also like to moisturize before bed to allow the product to work overnight

Can I use face moisturizer on my bald head?

You can use face moisturizer on your bald head, as long as you check that the product is gentle, non-comedogenic, and free from harsh chemicals. Face moisturizers are typically designed to hydrate sensitive skin, making many of them suitable for the scalp as well.

Can you use any moisturizer on a bald head?

While you can technically use any moisturizer on a bald head, it’s best to choose one specifically designed for scalp care or a gentle face moisturizer. Avoid products with high alcohol content or harsh ingredients that might dry out or irritate the scalp.

Can I use coconut oil on my bald head?

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and is great at hydrating your skin. If you suffer from dryness, flaking, dandruff, or psoriasis on your scalp, coconut oil can help alleviate those symptoms and keep your skin feeling nourished and healthy.


If you want to know how to look good bald, start by looking after your scalp.

A good moisturizer is an essential part of a bald head care routine, so find the right one for you and use it every day to stop your scalp from drying out and maintain a healthy-looking dome.

I always recommend Bald Boss as the best overall moisturizer for bald heads, but that’s because it’s the right product for me. Everyone’s scalp is different.

If you have a specific need when it comes to bald head care, I’d always recommend choosing the best tool for the job. So if your scalp is dry, oily, or sensitive, go with a moisturizer that targets this specific problem.

Hopefully the recommendations above help you with the decision.

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