Glasses For Bald Men: 3 Simple Ways To Choose Your Frames

If you’re newly bald, you might be wondering how your new look affects your choice of glasses. Even if you’ve been shaving your head for a while, you might not love how it looks with your current frames. I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years and I’ve had glasses since I was a … Read more

How To Look Good Bald

Every man who loses his hair wonders how to look good bald. After all, if you can’t rely on your hair anymore, how else can you change or improve your image? I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years, and in that time I’ve made plenty of mistakes with my appearance. I’ve put this … Read more

7 Best Hats For Bald Guys (And Which Ones To Avoid) (2023)

Choosing the best hats for bald guys depends mainly on the occasion. I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years and I’ve experimented with the majority of hat styles in that time. I won’t be appearing on a catwalk anytime soon, but even I know not to pair a trucker hat with a suit … Read more

Fashion For Bald Men: What Should Bald Guys Wear?

Whether you’re a fashion-conscious bald guy who is looking to level up his wardrobe, or a newly hairless gent who wants to look good bald, there are a few golden rules to follow. I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years, and while I’ve committed my fair share of fashion crimes, I’ve tried to … Read more

How To Pair A Shaved Head With A Beard (2023)

The ‘shaved head with beard’ look has been popular for a little while, but the trend is definitely getting more and more popular. With celebrities such as The Rock and Jason Statham helping to make the bald-and-bearded look sexy, it might be something you’re tempted to try – especially if your hair is thinning. In … Read more

The Best Goatee Styles For Bald Guys (And Two To Avoid!)

As a bald man, it can get boring having the same look all the time. The bald and goatee look is a great way to mix things up a little. But which goatee style looks best with a bald head? Be careful here – it’s easy to get this wrong. The best goatee style to … Read more

Gifts For Bald Men

Shopping for gifts for bald men can be tricky. Getting the right gift depends firstly on the preferences of the baldie in question, and also on your relationship with them. That second point is important. Buying bald head gifts is potentially a minefield if you don’t know the person well. Will they take it as … Read more