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Matt Fielding: Founder

Matt from BaldAndHappy.com

Matt started BaldAndHappy with a mission to help men who were experiencing hair loss live their best, bald life. Matt’s hair loss journey started in his early 20s and he’s been shaving his head for over 20 years, with a wealth of experience of life as a bald guy.

Matt’s transition to baldness was a transformative experience that led him to embrace his new look with confidence. He discovered that being bald did not hinder his personal or professional life; in fact, it enhanced his self-image and efficiency, saving him both time and money.

Driven by his own experiences, Matt created BaldAndHappy.com to share his insights and support others navigating similar paths. His expertise extends from practical advice on maintaining a healthy scalp to the art of wet shaving.

Matt’s philosophy is that everyone’s experience with hair loss is individual, and the right course of action isn’t the same for everyone. The message is to stop worrying and take control by finding the right solution for you. Own it, before it starts to own you!

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Shelly Beatty: Consultant Trichologist

Shelly Beatty - Lead Trichologist at HLTCOA

We are delighted to introduce Shelly Beatty, an esteemed Certified Trichologist and Hair Restoration Specialist, as a consultant for BaldAndHappy.com. With an extensive rich background in the hair industry, Shelly founded Stylemakers, a specialty hair salon in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1991. Known for innovative hair loss solutions, Stylemakers evolved into a leader in the field, particularly for those experiencing medical-related hair loss.

Shelly founded the Hair Loss Treatment Center of America, earning numerous accolades for her work in the industry. Her pioneering efforts in Laser Hair Therapy have been widely recognized, marking significant advancements in hair recovery treatments.

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Takara Harris: Consultant Trichologist

Takara Harris - Certified Trichologist at Restored Crown Clinic

Takara Harris, a renowned Triple Board-Certified Trichologist and entrepreneur, is the CEO and founder of Restored Crown Hair Restoration and Wellness Clinic. With over fifteen years in the hair industry, she is known online as the Healthy Hair Coach, guiding clients toward maintaining healthy hair, whether natural or treated.

At her Healthy Hair Studio in Richmond Hill, Georgia, Takara combines her expertise in hair and scalp care with holistic wellness practices. She is also a Nutrition and Wellness coach, advocating for a comprehensive approach to hair health. Her book, “Breaking Unhealthy Hair Habits,” reflects her dedication to educating on proper hair care.

In addition to being a Hair and Scalp Specialist, Takara is a Certified Life Coach and Healthcare Instructor. Her holistic approach and coaching skills make her a sought-after professional in and beyond the hair industry.

Through her consulting services, Takara extends her influence, offering business coaching, life coaching, and financial literacy, demonstrating her commitment to empowering others in various aspects of life and work. Her philosophy, centered around healthy hair and personal growth, positions her as a leader in both hair care and personal development.

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