Glasses For Bald Men: 3 Simple Ways To Choose Your Frames

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If you’re newly bald, you might be wondering how your new look affects your choice of glasses. Even if you’ve been shaving your head for a while, you might not love how it looks with your current frames.

I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years and I’ve had glasses since I was a kid. Most of the time I wear lenses, but on the one day a week when I wear glasses, I want to make sure they look good with my shaved dome.

Thankfully there is a winning formula, based on three simple factors. In this article, I’ll talk you through how to choose glasses that look good with your bald head.

How to choose glasses for bald men

The best glasses for bald men are determined by three things:

Firstly, you have to choose glasses that work with your face shape, so I’ll walk you through which frames work with which type of face. This is the number one consideration.

Then the other two factors in choosing glasses for bald guys are skin tone and personal style, and they kind of work hand-in-hand.

Your skin tone can be used to create contrast, but if your look is more understated and subtle, you’ll want to choose something less conspicuous.

Glasses for bald guys

Best glasses shape for bald guys

While a lack of hair can give your head a round appearance, it’s actually your face and jawline that play a crucial role in determining which glasses will look best on you.

First things first: identifying your face shape. Are you round, square, triangle, inverse triangle, or oval? Some head shapes look better bald than others, and choosing the right glasses is the final piece of the puzzle.

Best glasses for bald men by face shape

Not everyone’s face fits perfectly into one rigid definition of a shape. You may be somewhere in between or even a mixture of two of the below. This might mean that more than one style can suit your face, but understanding your general face shape is key to finding the right glasses.

So, what should you be looking for? Balance and contrast.

If you have a round face, avoid choosing round glasses that will only exaggerate the shape of your face. Instead, opt for angular frames that add contrast and definition.

On the other hand, if you have a square face with sharp features, round glasses can be used to soften those angles and create a more balanced look.

Best glasses for bald guys with round faces

Choose square/rectangular glasses to contrast your round face, with angular glasses that overhang your cheeks to break the lines of your round head.

glasses for bald men with round face

Rectangular or square frames can add structure and definition to your face, but avoid round or oval frames. These will make your face appear even rounder, especially with no hair to reduce the overall roundness of your head.

Best glasses for bald guys with square faces

Square face shapes are often created by a wide jawline and broad forehead. With no hair to add contrast, bald men with square faces can use round or oval frames to soften the angles of the face and create a more balanced look.

glasses for bald men with square face

These frames can make the face appear less boxy and more proportionate. Frames with thinner temples can also help elongate the face.

Square or rectangular frames should be avoided as they can emphasize the sharpness of the jawline and make the face appear too rigid.

Best glasses for bald guys with triangular faces

A broad forehead and a narrower chin create a vaguely triangular shape. Again, we’re working with angles, so choose round eyeglasses to create contrast and soften the overall look of your face.

glasses for bald men with triangle face

If you have an inverse triangle-shaped face, where the jawline is wide and the forehead is narrower, frames with wider tops and thinner bottoms can help draw attention to the eyes and away from the jawline.

glasses for bald men with inverse triangle face

Frames that are wider at the bottom should be avoided as they can exaggerate the width of the jawline.

Best glasses for bald guys with oval faces

Oval faces are another versatile shape, and look good with most types of glasses. A slimmer person will have a more obvious bone structure, so go for rounder frames to soften this look. Someone with a more rounded face will look good with square frames for contrast.

glasses for bald men with oval face

Choose frames that are proportional to the face and not too big or too small, so you can create a balanced look.

Best glasses frames for bald men

When it comes to choosing your glasses, face shape is the most important element for any bald man. However, there are a couple of other things to consider when choosing the frames.

These are skin tone, first of all, but equally important is your overall style and look. The two go hand-in-hand when choosing frames.

Firstly, when it comes to the color of the frame, think about the level of contrast with your skin tone. A high-contrast combination can be striking if you’re aiming for a particularly bold style, but can also make the glasses stand out too much for those with a more understated look.

If your skin tone is dark, frames with lighter colors such as silver or gold can complement the skin tone well.

On the other hand, if you’re quite pale-skinned, frames with darker colors such as black or brown can provide a nice contrast.

I’m fairly light-skinned and because I don’t have the most flamboyant dress sense, I keep it subtle with my frames.

I recently ditched a pair of thick-rimmed glasses because I felt like they were too much of a statement, and went for a pair of glasses that were still dark in color to add some detail, but with much thinner frames for a more understated look.

Why glasses suit bald men

Should bald people wear glasses if they don’t need to? Non-prescription glasses can be a great way to add detail to your head which is missing when you don’t have hair.

Bald men can wear hats, glasses, and scarves to essentially accessorize their faces. This is one of the best ways to look good bald. They balance out the lack of hair on an otherwise plain-looking bald head.

This is why, a lot of the time, bald guys look better with glasses (as long as they’ve chosen the right shape for their face and a frame style that matches their overall look).

Glasses for bald guys with beards

For bald guys with a beard, it’s important to ensure that the glasses don’t clash with the beard or create an imbalance in the overall look.

Let’s say a bald man has a thick, bushy beard and chooses to wear glasses with thin metal frames that sit high on the nose.

While the glasses themselves may be a good fit for his face shape, the thin frames won’t work with the thick facial hair. The thinness of the frames will make the glasses look insubstantial and out of place when paired with the bushy beard, which will dominate the face.

In this case, a better choice of glasses might be thicker frames that can match the prominence of the beard. Frames with bolder shapes and thicker temples will create a more cohesive overall look. 

With a short beard, the focus is more likely to be on the glasses themselves, rather than on the beard. At this point, it’s more important to focus back on face shape and color.

The color of the glasses should complement the beard color. Neutral colors like black, brown, or tortoiseshell can work well with most beard colors. However, if the beard has a distinctive color, such as red or gray, glasses with complementary tones can enhance the overall look.

Just like glasses, the choice of beard for a bald man depends a lot on face shape. Here’s a detailed look at the best beards for bald men.

Stylish glasses for bald guys

To choose glasses that look more stylish or trendy, a bald man needs to remember to work with his face shape and his own individual dress style.

If your style is more daring, look for glasses made from unusual textures or materials, such as wood, titanium, or acetate. Look for glasses with trendy details like patterned temples, keyhole bridges, or mirrored lenses.

Currently, geometric shapes such as hexagonal or octagonal frames are popular, but you can add to this by playing with color. Glasses with bold or unexpected colors like red, yellow, or blue can create a bold and fashionable look.

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Oversized glasses have been a trend for a while and are still popular, while designer brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Prada are known for creating stylish glasses that work well with a bald head.

Choosing more sophisticated-looking glasses for bald men means opting for classic shapes and neutral colors. Subtle details like a keyhole bridge, a thin metal frame, or even rimless glasses can work with a more sophisticated overall image.

Bald men who look good with glasses


Moby is often seen wearing glasses with his bald head, and his overall look is well put together. There are a few reasons why this combination works well for him.


Firstly, Moby chooses glasses that complement his face shape. He has a slightly round face, so he opts for rectangular frames (albeit with rounded corners) that create a contrast with his face shape.

Second, Moby tends to choose glasses with neutral or dark colors, which pair well with his pale skin tone. This creates a cohesive and balanced look that is not too busy or distracting.

Finally, Moby has a simple and understated style that pairs well with his glasses and bald head. He often wears neutral or monochrome clothes, allowing his glasses to draw the eye and become the focal point of his overall look.

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci looks great with a bald head and glasses. The actor has a strong facial structure and defined features, which are enhanced by wearing glasses with a thicker frame or a strong, angular shape, which creates a bold and confident look.

Tucci also pairs his glasses with a well-groomed beard, which creates a cohesive and balanced look. The beard helps to soften the overall appearance of his bald head, and the glasses create a focal point that draws attention to his face.

Any love for Stanley Tucci?

Finally, Tucci is a master of bald men’s fashion. He has a sophisticated and polished style that pairs well with his glasses and bald head. He often wears tailored suits and crisp, button-down shirts with spread collars, which elongate the shape of the face and bald head by pointing out to the sides.

Samuel L. Jackson

As well as his signature hat, Samuel L. Jackson knows how to accessorize with an eye-catching pair of glasses.

Jackson is not afraid to wear glasses with bold and unique styles. He often chooses frames with interesting details or bright colors, which add a touch of personality to his overall look.

Samuel L Jackson

The Avengers star has a confident and commanding presence that is enhanced by his bald head and bold eyewear choices. The combination of these elements creates a strong and memorable look that is uniquely his own.

Can glasses cause bald spots?

Wearing glasses that are too tight can cause traction alopecia, a type of hair loss that occurs when hair is pulled too tightly and repeatedly. This can lead to hair thinning and bald spots around the areas where the glasses sit on your head.

To prevent this, it is important to choose glasses that fit properly and comfortably and to take breaks from wearing them if you feel any discomfort.


When you’re choosing glasses as a bald man, remember the key principles:

  • Choose a shape that contrasts with your face shape
  • Choose frames that contrast with your skin tone if you’re happy with a bold look
  • Choose colors that are more understated if that’s more your style

Remember, when it comes to looking good bald, your glasses are accessories to your overall look. For the bigger picture, make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion for bald men.

What’s your style, and how do you pair glasses with your bald head? Let me know in the comments below.

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