Kelly Slater’s Baldness Journey: From Flowing Locks to Iconic Look

Kelly Slater is one of just a handful of people to become a world-famous athlete in a niche sport. Surfing doesn’t typically produce household names, and yet Slater’s popularity is undeniable. He’s also considered to be an iconic bald man – but has he always rocked the bald look? Is there a reason for it? … Read more

Hair Looks Thin When Wet: Balding Alert or False Alarm?

hair looks thin when wet

So you’ve just jumped out of the shower and caught your reflection in the mirror, and noticed your wet hair looks worryingly thin. Suddenly your mind is racing. Has it always been like that? Does this mean I’m going bald? Hair loss is a worry for all men, and when it starts to look like … Read more

Is Prince Harry Balding? Harry’s Hair Loss Journey (2024)

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The Best Goatee Styles For Bald Guys (And Two To Avoid!)

As a bald man, it can get boring having the same look all the time. The ‘bald head with goatee’ look is a great way to mix things up a little. But which goatee style looks best with a bald head? Be careful here – it’s easy to get this wrong. The best goatee style … Read more

Beard Styles for Bald Men: What’s Hot in 2024

beard styles for bald men

The best beard styles for bald men depends on things like personal style and face shape, so it can be tricky to know what will look good. I’ve been shaving my head for 20 years and tried out a number of different styles. In this article, I’ll cover whether beards are a good idea for … Read more

Is John Cena Bald? The Latest On Cena’s Bald Spot (2024)

John Cena is one of the greatest wrestling superstars of all time and is rapidly adding to his reputation as a blockbuster acting star. But as much as he might portray a Superman-style character in his wrestling work, he’s not invulnerable to the ravages of age and time, and it’s starting to show – particularly … Read more

Can You Use Clippers On Wet Hair?

can you use clippers on wet hair?

Decided to shave your head, but just got out of the shower? You’ve done the right thing washing your hair first to protect your clippers from dirt and grease, but now you’re wondering if trying to shave wet hair will damage your blades or cause problems with your haircut – right? So can you use … Read more

How To Sharpen Hair Clippers

Buying your own clippers is a great way of maintaining your hair or beard without having to make regular trips to a barber. It’s not just your hair that needs to be maintained though – the clippers do too. And if you don’t bother, then you’ll end up with blunt clippers that don’t work well, … Read more

30 Iconic Bald Movie Characters

There are many iconic bald actors in cinema, but what about bald characters? It seems like there are still a few stereotypes of the bald movie villain, but I’ve been looking at some of the most famous bald characters in movies and I’ve found a few heroes too. Let’s take a look at some of … Read more

How To Clean Hair Clippers

Owning your own hair clippers can save you a lot of time and money, compared to constantly visiting the barbers. But you need to keep them clean if you want them to last and to keep working as they should. In this guide I’ll explain: The best cleaning products are blade dips that clean and … Read more