REVIEW: Mad Viking Beard Balm (2023)

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If you’re battling with unruly beard hair or dry skin underneath, you’re not alone. My quest for the ultimate beard care regime has led me to Mad Viking Beard Balm.

Mad Viking beard balm
Mad Viking beard balm

This review is for those discerning bearded individuals in the market for a product that provides nourishment, easy styling, and a non-greasy finish. I’ll reveal whether this beard balm can be the secret weapon you need for a well-groomed, healthy beard.

Key Insights: Valhalla Beard Balm

  • Enhances Beard Health: Noticeably thicker, well-conditioned beard
  • Scent: Attractive blend of vanilla and sandalwood
  • Quality Ingredients: Natural oils and butters for nourishment
  • Easy to use: Simple application, non-greasy

Keep reading for more details on the long-term benefits and find out if this is the key to stepping up your beard game.

Is it any good?

This is a really effective beard balm, judging by how well-groomed and neat my beard looks since using it. It also looks thicker and well-conditioned – something that hasn’t gone unnoticed, judging by the compliments I’ve received.

Note: The softness and condition are likely down to both this balm and Mad Viking’s beard wash and conditioner, which I’ve also been using. I want to be honest in this review and not claim that the results are down to the beard balm alone.

Mad Viking’s specialization in beard care is evident in this product. The balm doesn’t feel like an afterthought or a generic addition to a broader cosmetic line. Instead, it comes across as a thoughtfully crafted product from a brand that understands and prioritizes the needs of beard enthusiasts.

  • Hold and Styling: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Scent: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Moisturizing Effect: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Ease of Application: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Longevity: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.6 average, rounded to 5)

Mad Viking Beard Balm

10% off at the official site: use code BALDANDHAPPY10

  • Natural Oils & Butters
  • Non-Greasy
  • Easy Application
  • Relieves Dry Skin
  • Moisture Lock-In

First impressions


The balm comes in a sturdy metal tin whose design is in keeping with the rugged Viking theme. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the aesthetics, such as the raised lettering and bearded skull design. 

Mad Viking beard balm tin
The Mad Viking beard balm tin is sturdy, if a little thin for my clumsy fingers

It’s sturdy enough that it won’t pop open in transit, but as a result, it can actually be a little tricky to open (especially for those with sausage fingers like me).

Texture and Consistency

The balm has a solid consistency in its tin, and initially needs a bit of effort to scoop out. However, once you’ve used it a few times, creating a groove, the balm becomes more pliable.

My Mad Viking beard balm
I’ve been using My Mad Viking beard balm regularly for a couple of months

It softens quickly between the fingers, making it easy to apply into the beard.

Working Mad Viking beard balm between fingers
Mad Viking’s beard balm soon softens when worked between the fingers


The scent is a mix of vanilla and sandalwood. It’s described as ‘subtle’ on the Mad Viking site but I’d actually disagree; it’s noticeable without being overwhelming.

The good news is that it passes the wife test. Simply put, her verdict was “you smell sexy”, which is a better description than I could give. You’ll smell like a sexy Viking.

Mad Viking’s Claims vs. My Experience

Non-Greasiness: Mad Viking claims that the Valhalla Beard Balm is non-greasy. While it’s true that the balm eventually absorbs well into the beard, I’ve sometimes noticed a temporary greasiness immediately after application.

However, this is when I’ve used a little more than needed, and even then it doesn’t last long. Any greasiness fades away within an hour or so to leave the beard feeling well-conditioned without any residue.

Killing Beard Itch: Growing a beard often comes with an itchy phase. The Valhalla Beard Balm has been effective in eliminating this discomfort. It seems to soothe the skin and provide relief from the constant itch, which will be great news for anyone going through that awkward stage of beard growth.

Promoting Strong and Healthy Growth: My beard has seemed healthier and thicker since I started using the balm. While it’s hard to pin down the exact contribution of the balm to my beard’s growth, the overall healthier appearance and feel of my beard suggest that the balm is playing a positive role.

Note: I can’t comment on the claims on the website that this balm helps with relieving dry skin and beard dandruff. These aren’t conditions I suffer with anyway, so I can’t help much with this one.

Ingredient Analysis

IngredientBenefit for Bearded Men
Sweet Almond OilKnown for promoting hair growth and health.
Apricot Kernel OilNourishes and strengthens beard hair, promotes smoother texture.
Pumpkinseed OilDeeply moisturizes, rich in vitamins good for skin and hair.
Avocado OilLightweight oil that doesn’t clog pores, adds shine to the beard.
Grapeseed OilBalances natural oils, prevents dryness and dandruff.
Jojoba OilEncourages hair growth and volume, adds natural shine.
Hempseed OilProtects hair from damage, an antioxidant for hair health.
Vitamin E OilDeeply moisturizes, conditions, and softens the beard.
Shea ButterProvides moisture, enhances overall health of beard hair.
Cocoa ButterGives hold and style to the beard, and locks in moisture.
BeeswaxGives hold and style to the beard and locks in moisture.

Ease of Use

A pea-sized amount is more than enough for my beard length, which is currently a full beard that doesn’t extend past my chin. The directions say this amount is also recommended for longer beards, which suggests good value for money if you do have facial hair like a Viking.

The application process is straightforward: scoop, soften between the fingers, and work the beard balm into the beard, ensuring it reaches the skin underneath.

I recommend using your fingers rather than your palms, especially for shorter beards. This technique allows for more precise application and better distribution of the product throughout the beard. I then use a beard comb afterward for a more groomed appearance.

Using my beard comb
Using my beard comb after applying Mad Viking beard balm

Absorption and Longevity

The balm absorbs quickly unless you use too much. If, like me, you tend to mess with your beard as you work, be conservative with the amount or you’re going to have a slightly greasy hand!

Even if you do get a little excited with the volume of balm you use, this subsides in an hour or so. What you’re left with is a well-groomed and manageable beard for the entire day.

Long-term Benefits

The long-term benefits of using this balm are impressive. My beard looks thicker and healthier, as a few people have commented on now. It also feels softer, which has gone down well with the wife. 

Again, I should mention that these improvements are likely the result of a combined use of the balm with Mad Viking’s beard wash and beard conditioner, so I can’t claim the balm is completely responsible.

Mad Viking beard wash & conditioner
Mad Viking beard wash & conditioner are also available on the Mad Viking website

My experience with their beard wash and conditioner has also been great, and the consistency across the product range speaks to the brand’s commitment to beard care. You can hand over your money for a basic beard product from a generic male grooming company, or use a specialist product from a specialist brand like Mad Viking.

My Verdict

I definitely recommend Mad Viking’s Valhalla Beard Balm. It’s an effective product that lives up to its claims and enhances the overall appearance and health of the beard.

It’s a product I intend to repurchase, and while I’m enjoying trying out different products as my beard grows, Mad Viking’s range has set a high bar.

Valhalla Beard Balm is effective for beards at least an inch long, where the need for control and conditioning becomes an issue. For shorter beards or stubble, any balm might be overkill. In my experience, it excels in taming and maintaining a full beard that requires a touch of styling and hydration, without weighing it down.

Applying Mad Viking beard balm into my beard
Applying Mad Viking beard balm to my beard

Mad Viking Beard Company’s Valhalla Beard Balm is a product that lives up to its claims. From its manly scent to its effective hold and conditioning properties, this balm is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to tame, nourish, and maintain their beard. 

The balm is accessible both on Mad Viking’s official website and on platforms like Amazon: 

Mad Viking Beard Balm

10% off at the official site: use code BALDANDHAPPY10

  • Natural Oils & Butters
  • Non-Greasy
  • Easy Application
  • Relieves Dry Skin
  • Moisture Lock-In

If you’re on a quest for a product that not only styles but also nurtures your beard, giving it the Viking treatment it deserves, Valhalla Beard Balm is a great option. 

Did you know? Beards and bald heads go together like a warrior’s axe and shield. Check out these ideas for the best bald head and beard combinations.

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