I Shaved My Head And I Regret It – Now What?

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Shaving your head for the first time is a massive decision.

That first sight of yourself in the mirror with such a dramatically different look can be a shock to a lot of people.

For some, it can make them instantly regret shaving their head.

The important thing is not to worry. You have options; some practical, some a little bit silly. But nothing is permanent (or at least it doesn’t have to be).

Some people choose to shave their heads because they just want to see what they’d look like with a buzz-cut. Others just want to get ahead of the fact that they’re balding, especially if they’re losing their hair in their 20s.

Whether you shaved your head because you started to see your scalp through your hair or you just thought it would look cool, you’re not short of options. Read on to find out what they are.

“I shaved my head and I regret it!” – What to do next

One of the main disadvantages of shaving your head is that if you don’t like it, you’re committed to the new look, at least in the short term.

If this sounds like you, I’m here to help. Here are your options:

Give it time

Shaving your head is the quickest and easiest way to dramatically change your appearance. You can’t expect to just immediately get used to seeing a different person in the mirror.

But trust me, the initial shock doesn’t last. YouTuber Rob McGarr is the perfect example:

Rob not only got used to the new look, but he wondered why he’d spent so long worrying about how he’d look bald. Worrying about balding is always worse than being bald or having a shaved head. 

Once you’ve shaved your head and given yourself time to get used to your new appearance, it can be empowering to know that something that seems such a big deal has no negative impact on your life.

In fact, many women who shave their heads say it actually gives them more confidence. Suddenly the hair they hid behind is gone and they’re showing themselves to the world – and it feels good.

Some people worry about their dating life and whether women find bald men attractive. While there will always be a few who won’t date a bald man, these are the minority.

There’s one thing to remember if you’re worried you’ll never get a date again: some women find bald men unattractive, but most women find balding men unattractive.

If you’re balding, then trust me – you’ll look better bald. If you’re not balding, you can simply grow it back (and no, you won’t go bald quicker if you shave your head).

In the meantime, here are some more things you can do to make life easier:

Get into hats

Wearing a hat is the obvious choice. If you hate it that much, just cover it up.

For men with a full head of hair who just decided to shave their head for the hell of it, it’s easy enough to wear a baseball cap or a beanie while it grows back.

There’s nothing unusual here – plenty of bald men wear hats already just for the look, not only to hide their lack of hair.

If you’re balding, you can become one of those guys who wear hats. It can be your thing.

But bear in mind that if you constantly use headwear hide your shaved head, you’re less likely to get over that initial shock of the change in your appearance. 

Grow it back

After shaving your head, it will grow back at a rate of 1.5 inches every three months.

There are factors that speed up or slow down hair growth, such as age and general health, but 1.5 inches per month is a helpful rule of thumb.

Hair grows slower the older we get, and illnesses like viruses and more serious, chronic conditions can also slow linear hair growth rate (LHGR).

The good news for anyone who has shaved their head and now regrets it is that shaving only cuts the hair, so regrowth will be slightly quicker than when you pluck or wax, as you have a tiny head start.

Your hair won’t be any different when it grows back after shaving – it won’t be thicker or thinner; your follicle will continue to push out the same type of hair that you cut in the first place.

If you shaved your head because you’re losing your hair, you might decide that the balding look is better for you rather than being fully bald. If you really hate it, just grow it back and go with it.

Actor Jude Law did this for years, and while some say he looks better with a shaved head, he was confident with his Male Pattern Baldness and just went with it.

Of course, if you really hate the bald look, it’s worth making sure you’re actually losing your hair. 

If you think your hair is thinning at the crown, it’s worth checking whether you are actually going bald or you just have a noticeable cowlick.

Embrace the learning experience

Even if we regret the decision, we shouldn’t regret taking risks and giving ourselves the opportunity to learn.

Model and YouTuber Nic Palladino actually made a video about why he regrets shaving his head. However, even though he decided the buzz-cut wasn’t for him, he had a healthy attitude to the learning experience:

Nic did point out that he’s showing signs of male pattern baldness at the temples. So even though he decided to grow his hair back, he may decide to be a baldie again in the future if his hair loss continues.

Ask people’s opinion

We’re very used to seeing our own reflection in the mirror, and we often have extreme responses when the person looking back at us changes.

Sometimes these responses can be good, like when you get a new haircut or some new clothes. Either way, you soon get used to the new you, and the novelty wears off.

Other people don’t put the same importance on your appearance. Their opinions will be more objective because they’re not as emotionally invested.

People tell me I really suit having no hair, which is reassuring. Even if I think they’re just being nice, it’s great for my self-confidence to hear that people think my shaved head looks better than my previous haircuts (some of which were a disaster, admittedly!)

If you don’t like your new look, try asking people what they think. Positive feedback can be a game-changer for your confidence levels and how you see yourself.

Grow a beard

Don’t dismiss your new look without trying the upside-down look. As you can see from the long list of bald celebrities with beards, it’s a really strong look.

You can choose a full beard, or any type of goatee…

It’s easy to look like a mannequin if you shave your head AND you have no facial hair. This is especially true if you wet shave your head down to the skin.

But growing out your chin fluff, whether it’s just a little stubble or a full-on Viking beard, is guaranteed to make your newly-bald head look better. if in doubt, check out this guide to pairing a bald head with a beard.

Get a tan

Similarly, a tan makes a bald head look 100% better.

Some people worry that they look ill with a shaved head, and this can be the case if you have pale skin, too.

Hit the gym and get out in the sun and suddenly you’re that tanned, muscular bald guy rather than the skinny, pale guy with no hair.

weights at gym
Adding some muscle is one of the best ways to look better bald

Level up your wardrobe

Dressing well as a bald man is crucial. There are several core principles that I outline in this guide to fashion for bald men that you need to be aware of if you’re going to stick with a shaved head.

These include knowing the right colors to contrast the skin tone on your head, making sure your clothes fit well, and accessorizing in a way that adds detail to your head area.

Look into a hair transplant

If you’re really not into the bald look, the regret you feel after shaving your head might prompt you to look for a more permanent solution.

It’s not for me, but the hair transplant industry is growing fast. In 2021, it was reported that 650,000 people a year are now having hair transplant surgery.

I spoke to Henry, who had a hair transplant in 2022. He said he’d recommend it to anyone who is suffering from a lack of confidence because of hair loss. You can read his advice here where I asked him “does a hair transplant hurt?

If you have the cash and if it’s going to give you back your confidence, a transplant is permanent and a perfectly viable solution. Celebrities like David Beckham are rumored to have undergone hair transplants, although Becks has never publicly admitted to it.

Get a hair tattoo (SMP)

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a relatively new procedure that basically involves tattooing your bald head to look like you’ve buzzed your hair down close.

It can look very convincing and is cheaper than a transplant.

OK, you’ll need to get the tattoo topped up every 4-6 years to keep it looking like real hair, but the only real maintenance involved is shaving your remaining hair.

Wear a hair system

If none of the options above appeal, you can always wear a hair system.

To be honest, this is the option I’d recommend the least. Wigs/hair systems/hairpieces are more convincing than they used to be, but it’s a lot of work to maintain every day.

The worst part is that you’ve basically replaced worrying about going bald with the anxiety of whether people notice you’re wearing a wig.

At this point, I’d question whether it’s really worth the effort. It’s much better to show the world you have confidence in yourself even without your hair than to try to hide something that isn’t your fault, and honestly isn’t a big deal.

Wearing a wig could just be seen as a sign of insecurity.

4 things you need to know while you have a shaved head

Your hair isn’t going to grow back overnight. Transplants and SMP are going to take a long time to arrange and complete.

So if you’re going to rock the buzz-cut or even a full shave for a while, here are four important things you need to know:

Don’t throw away the shampoo

Lots of people assume that bald men don’t use shampoo and instead just use soap or face wash, but this can lead to a dry scalp on your bald head and flaking skin due to the dehydrating properties of soap.

Instead, bald men should be using shampoo to maintain the oil in the scalp and as a minimum, washing their scalp with warm water on a daily basis to remove dead skin.

It’s always best to use the right tools for the job, and I’ve written a full round-up of the best shampoo for bald heads to help you choose the right product.

Dry skin is your enemy

Bald or shaven-headed people can still get dandruff, in the sense that the scalp gets flaky if it’s not properly looked after.

Technically, it’s not strictly dandruff, but using soap can lead to flaky skin as it dries the scalp and causes irritation.

For a bald person, the skin dries and flakes off. It’s not a good look, so invest in a good quality moisturizer for your bald head.

You need to wear sunscreen!

Bear in mind that your scalp is more exposed to the sun after shaving or buzzing your head for the first time. 

Sunburn is a major cause of a dry, flaky scalp, as well as the obvious health risks. Use a high-factor sunscreen to protect your newly-exposed head whenever you leave the house.

Tanning a bald head is a minefield – you want a nice deep brown for your head to look its best, but a sunburnt scalp is a terrible look.

Decide if you want the gloss or matte look

Some people prefer more of a matte finish and there are ways to achieve this.

However, if like me you want the shine, there are also a few tricks of the trade to allow your bald head to reflect the light, like a beacon of confidence in your new look.

Get into a routine that involves properly washing, shaving, and maintaining your scalp, and in return, you’ll get a healthy shine to your bald head rather than an oily, dirty look.


If you’re reading this because you shaved your head and you regret it, it’s not my place to tell you you’re wrong.

But your opinion might well change over time as you get over the initial shock of seeing yourself bald or with a shaved head for the first time.

If not, there are lots of things you can do about it, whether you’re balding or you just decided to give the new look a go to see what it looks like.

Most importantly, don’t let yourself be defined by your physical appearance. Eventually, we all get older and the appearance we had in our 20s doesn’t stick around.

Instead, work on your character to give yourself the confidence that comes with being the best person you can be.

Do this, and you’ll soon realize that something as superficial as having hair or being bald doesn’t make a big difference to your happiness, or how others see you.

Finally, if you’re thinking of shaving your head but worry that you’ll regret it, this might help: What would I look like bald?

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