Best & Worst Bald Head Shape: Should I Shave My Head?

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Considering making the leap to being bald, but worried about whether it would look good? The best head shape for bald people can vary but some are definitely better than others.

You might be thinking that a shaved head wouldn’t suit you, but this guide addresses common concerns about how different head shapes might affect your look. 

I also spoke to professional barber Callum Keohane ,who discusses how everyone can confidently rock the bald look, regardless of their head shape.

Professional barber Callum Keohane
Professional barber Callum Keohane

Quick answer: What is the best head shape for bald men?

The ideal bald head shapes are round and oval. Shapes with pronounced lines like squares or diamonds can also look great. However, there are examples of men with different shapes, and even bumpy, weird-shaped heads, who look amazing bald – so don’t rule it out.

In fact, a study of 50 bald guys found that the shape of their heads didn’t really change how they felt about their looks or the comments they got. It turns out, that eyes and teeth mattered more for how they thought they looked.

Callum weighed in on this point with some professional wisdom:

“There isn’t a person on earth with the perfect shaped head for a shave, or the right facial features etc.

“We’ve all got imperfections and some of them will have been hidden from you by longer locks for most of your life. If you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every day and not liking what you see, then it’s time to change something and that might be risking it on revealing your dome.

Shape of bald head

So, having a less-than-perfect head shape shouldn’t put you off shaving. While some shapes are more naturally suited to being bald than others, it’s not a major factor in whether or not you’ll look good overall.

The best shape for a bald head – key points

  • Nobody has the perfect head shape, and it shouldn’t be the main reason to shave your head or not.
  • Oval or round faces, or those with a strong jawline (such as diamond faces) are, in theory, best for bald men
  • Overweight men with wide round or square faces could ideally tone up to improve their overall look
  • Growing a beard can help to hide a weaker jawline or lengthen the face
  • Other improvement tips include tanning (safely), or wearing glasses

As well as having nice eyes or a gleaming set of pearly whites, the right beard can drastically improve the overall aesthetic of a bald head:

Bald head shapes compared:

Head ShapeProsConsBest Facial Hair Style
OvalNatural balance; face looks long and naturally healthyDoesn't lend itself to longer beardsShort beard or stubble won't exaggerate the face's elongated shape
RoundSofter look with evennessCan look 'squashed' if overweightLight to medium beard to add vertical length to the face
DiamondStrong jawline; blends perks of oval with strong featuresDoesn't lend itself to longer beardsLight stubble to highlight the strong jawline without overshadowing it
SquareStrong jawlineCan look wide, especially if overweightBeard to add length, elongate the face, and enhance the strong jawline
OblongCan look good with defined jawlineMight appear too squaredShort beard to provide balance; add glasses to break up the face's length
RectangleEvenly proportioned; balanced elongation gives mature appearanceCan appear overly elongated, especially with agingShort to medium beard to break the elongation; stubble can also work
TriangleBroad jaw emphasizes masculinityPointed chin can stand out and forehead may appear narrowFull beard to balance the forehead and jaw; avoid sharp lines

Bald man with long beard
The right beard can make all the difference

I’ll go through some examples of different head shapes and how they look on bald men below. However, categorizing head shapes is not an exact science.

People’s faces can have features of more than one of the following definitions. To make things slightly more complicated, the shape of someone’s face can change based on:

  • How they wear their facial hair
  • Weight fluctuations over time
  • The aging process

For these reasons, applying a stringent definition or category can be fluid and subjective, with overlap between some of the shapes.


The reason that an oval is the perfect shape for a bald head is that it retains some length – your face looks naturally slimmer since it is longer than it is wide.

Jason Statham
Jason Statham’s oval-shaped head is perfect for the bald look

Oval heads are also relatively even and they have a natural balance between the crown and the chin. It just helps you to look like bald was a natural choice for your look.


Larry David
Larry David has a vaguely round head shape

Round heads are similar, with a softer look and a pleasant evenness, but it’s important not to be too round – and by that, I mean having a more overweight face – because that can then start to look more squashed if you don’t have hair to lengthen the look.


As an alternative to the softer lines of an oval head, a more defined look can also be a prime bald head shape if you have a strong jawline.

Stanley Tucci before and after going bald
Stanley Tucci’s strong jawline helps him pull off the bald look

While it may sound old-fashioned, a good jawline is very masculine, and having prominent masculine features is attractive with or without hair. When bald it certainly helps to keep the focus on the face more.

Diamond-shaped faces blend the perks of an oval face with strong features. Oblong faces are similar but without the softer lines, so provided the jawline is tight then you should be good. 


With square heads it’s similar to the issue with round ones – it can look good but if you’re overweight then you can end up with a wider head that is less appealing.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel’s strong jaw and wide forehead give his face quite a square shape


Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and cheekbones, which taper down to a narrow chin. The heart shape showcases high cheekbones, but the narrow chin may feel a bit pronounced.

LL Cool J
LL Cool J is rarely seen without a hat but the pointed chin gives him an unmistakably heart-shaped head

The addition of facial hair or a beard can balance the narrowness of the chin, providing a more harmonious and balanced look overall. 


Rectangle-shaped faces are longer than they are wide, with a square jaw and hairline. The elongated face can be obvious on a bald guy, but again, facial hair can help break up the length. 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is another whose strong jaw gives him a more rectangular head shape

The right beard adds width, especially around the chin and jaw, to give a more proportioned look.


Triangle faces have a wider jawline that tapers up to a narrow forehead. On a bald man, the broadness of the jaw can stand out more.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan’s pointed chin gives his face a more triangular shape

A mustache or a goatee can draw attention upwards and balance out this face shape, making the narrow forehead seem less obvious.

Lumps and bumps

I’m fortunate to have a vaguely oval head shape, so people say baldness suits me. Despite this, I have a bump on the back of my head that I’d rather do without, and I’ve seen pictures taken from the side where my head has quite a ‘deep’ shape.

The weird bump on the back of my head
The weird bump on the back of my head

I never realized how pronounced this bump was until I shaved my head. Even now, I have to look down to stretch my scalp out when I shave over and around it.

But the bump has never bothered me and doesn’t seem to bother other people either. Even when people have noticed it, they have been curious about how I shave around it rather than seeming amused or making me feel embarrassed at all.

Callum’s advice was to “Have a feel of your scalp to start getting acquainted with any bumps or angles you might come across, and then go to town on it with the clippers.

“It’s important for everyone to realise that what makes you feel good is what makes you look good. You might have a longer face, or a less defined chin, or a wider skull etc, but if you feel better with a shaved head, stubble, or bald, you’re going to be more confident, happier, and look better as a result.”

Realistically, there are very few people with perfect head shapes, and we’re all just making do with what we have!

bald man in shirt
My head shape as seen from the side

Bad’ shapes for a bald head

A bad head shape for bald people is one that accentuates the lack of length in the face – so some round or square faces, especially if you’re overweight. A weak jawline will put more prominence onto the crown too, as will any bumpy heads.

When you have hair, it will have a distracting effect if you have any unusual features or a particularly weak jawline.

When combined with a smaller neck, these can make the head look inflated and too forward-leaning. Remove the hair and suddenly that all becomes much more prominent.

me with my skull shaver
Bad posture is the enemy of the bald man

Also, most people have at least a mildly bumpy crown but if yours is very uneven then losing your hair will only enhance this.

If considering going bald, first understand your head shape. If you have a weaker jawline without definition, if you’re overweight, or if you can feel that your head is quite bumpy then consider whether the work will look for you.

However, if you’re balding, then bald is still likely to be a better look, even if you’d usually be considered to have a weirdly shaped bald head. Because there are things you can do to improve your look.

So, should I shave my head?

Shaving your head is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Shave before you’re mentally ready, and such a drastic change in your appearance can be a big shock to the system.

But, if your hair loss is making you unhappy, it can also be a big relief to take control of the situation.

There are also other options. You don’t have to shave your head.

The main thing is that you take action because the longer you leave it, the worse it gets, and the more anxiety and paranoia you’ll experience. Own it, before it starts to own you.

When you do start to take steps, you stop being the victim of hair loss and put yourself in the driving seat.

You can:

  • Shave off your remaining hair
  • Opt for a hair transplant
  • Jump on DHT-blocking medication
  • Get a hair tattoo (scalp micropigmentation, or SMP)
  • Start wearing a hair system

There’s no wrong answer as it’s a very individual choice. Here’s a free PDF guide to finding the best course of action for you:

Psychological benefits of embracing baldness

Hair loss can be a massive source of embarrassment, and even anxiety and depression. On the other hand, embracing baldness can make a massive difference to your mental well-being. 

  • Empowerment: Proactively choosing baldness boosts self-confidence and gives a sense of control over your appearance. Balding is passive, but when you shave, you’re actively deciding your fate.
  • Reduced anxiety: Letting go of hair-related worries can alleviate daily stress.
  • Authenticity: Shaving your head gives you a feeling of genuine self-expression. ‘I’m doing this because it’s who I am.’
  • Personal growth: The journey can foster resilience as you face self-doubt, and develop self-acceptance.
  • Positive reinforcement: Many appreciate and admire the bald look, often associating it with strength and determination.

Choosing baldness is more than a style; it’s a step toward inner confidence and self-affirmation.

My bald head
Here’s me, looking all confident.


Does the shape or size of my ears affect the bald look?

The size or shape of the ears can affect the overall look of a bald man, but the primary focus is usually on head and face shape. After that, accessorizing with facial hair, eyewear, and hats is a useful distraction, but individual confidence and style matter most.

Are there hairstyles that can complement a receding hairline without going fully bald?

Certain hairstyles can complement a receding hairline, like a strategic comb-over. However, these haircuts will only mask or work with receding or thinning hair for so long before the buzz-cut or full shave is the only style that will really look good.

What shape glasses should a bald man wear?

The best glasses for a bald man depend on the shape of his head and face. For example, bald men with round faces will look best with square or rectangular glasses that elongate and slim the face. Read more about glasses styles for bald men of all head shapes here.

Does a bald head suit everyone?

A bald head doesn’t suit everyone, but some head shapes work better than others. Oval and round heads are best, and tanned or dark-skinned scalps look better than pale skin tones. Muscular and athletic men also look better with a shaved head than very slim guys.

What are the disadvantages of shaving your head?

The main disadvantage of shaving your head is that it might not suit your head shape. There are other disadvantages, including the time commitment of shaving your head every few days, and the shaving cuts and razor burn that you risk from wet shaving.


I’ve said it already, but bald is always a better look than balding.

Shaved head - before and after
Bald always looks better than balding

So, if you’re already losing your hair, I would recommend taking action. Shaving is a good choice if you’re not interested in a hair transplant or medication, regardless of the shape of your head.

More importantly, the confidence with which you embrace baldness makes a massive. Try to take a positive attitude towards your new look, rather than let the worry and embarrassment of hair loss get you down. Own it, before it starts to own you.

Don’t just take my word for it. I spoke to fellow bald guy John Turner about how he felt when he decided to brave the shave after the appearance of a bald patch on his crown:

“If I had to do it again, I would have shaved it off years ago. I think I would have felt more confident bald than ‘balding’ for sure. That would be my advice: just forget the pills or topicals to keep your hair, and just accept it and take it all off.”

John Turner

Irving, Texas

Callum was in agreement here, too:

The key factors to take into account are pretty straightforward in my opinion, current levels of happiness and confidence, and the level of happiness and confidence you’re hoping to achieve.

But when you’re not balding and just thinking about going bald out of choice, you could always check your head shape first and work out whether the look will suit you.

Make sure you read up on seeing how you would look bald before you commit.

Callum Keohane is a professional barber with Dashing Blades in Coventry, UK.

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