The Best (And Worst) Head Shapes For Bald Men

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Considering making the leap to being bald, but worried about whether it would look good? The best head shape for bald people can vary but some are definitely better than others.

Bald man checking head shape

The best head shape for bald people is either oval, or something with strong lines like a square or diamond face. But there are a lot of options if you don’t have the ‘ideal’ head or face shape too – it doesn’t mean bald is off the table for you.

Let’s explore:

  • The best face shape for a bald head
  • Bad head shapes for a bald style
  • Options to help enhance a bald look

The best head shape bald men can have – key points

  • Oval faces, or those with a strong jawline (such as diamond faces) are the best for bald men
  • Men with wide round or square faces should ideally tone up to improve their bald look
  • Growing a beard can help to hide a weaker jawline or lengthen the face
  • Other improvement tips include tanning (safely), or wearing glasses

What is the best head shape for bald men?

The best head shape for bald men is one that looks long and even – an oval – or one with strong masculine features and a defined jawline. Diamond, oblong, or square shapes are good. The best head shapes for bald people are those that are more symmetrical.

Hair adds contrast to the tone of your skin and naturally helps to lengthen the look of your head. When you remove the hair, that means the face appears to get shorter. And it also exposes your head shape more, so your jawline, cheekbones, and crown become more defining features.

The reason that an oval is the perfect head shape for bald people is that it retains some length – your face looks naturally slimmer since it is longer than it is wide.

Bald man with oval shaped head

Oval heads are also relatively even and they have a natural balance between the crown and the chin. It just helps you to look like bald was a natural choice for your look.

Round heads are similar, with a softer look and a pleasant evenness, but it’s important not to be too round – and by that, I mean having a more overweight face – because that can then start to look more squashed if you don’t have hair to lengthen the look.

As an alternative to the softer lines of an oval head, a more defined look can also be a good bald head shape if you have a strong jawline.

While it may sound old-fashioned, a good jawline is very masculine, and having prominent masculine features is attractive with or without hair. When bald it certainly helps to keep the focus on the face more.

Diamond head shapes blend the perks of an oval face with strong features. Oblong faces are similar but without the softer lines, so provided the jawline is tight then you should be good. 

With square heads it’s similar to the issue with round ones – it can look good but if you’re overweight then you can end up with a wider head that is less appealing.

I’ve been fortunate in that my head shape is vaguely oval, which means bald works quite well for me. Despite this, I have a bump on the back of my head that I’d rather do without, and I’ve seen pictures taken from the side where my head has quite a ‘deep’ shape.

Bald head with bump on back

Realistically, there are very few people with perfect head shapes, and we’re all just making do with what we have!

“Bad” bald head shapes

A bad head shape for bald people is one that accentuates the lack of length in the face – so some round or square faces, especially if you’re overweight. A weak jawline will put more prominence onto the crown too, as will any bumpy heads.

When you have hair, it will have a distracting effect if you do have any unusual features or a particularly weak jawline.

When combined with a smaller neck, these can make the head look inflated and too forward-leaning. Remove the hair and suddenly that all becomes much more prominent.

Also, most people have at least a mildly bumpy crown but if yours is very uneven then losing your hair will only enhance this.

If you’re considering going bald by choice, I recommend you try to get to know your head shape first. If you have a weaker jawline without definition, if you’re overweight, or if you can feel that your head is quite bumpy then consider whether the work will look for you.

However, if you’re balding, then bald is still likely to be a better look, even if you’d usually be considered to have a weird bald head shape. Because there are things you can do to improve your look.

What to do if you have a weird-shaped head

If you have a weird head shape, bald can still look good if you make sure you tone up and you have a healthy tan. Stubble or a beard will help if you can grow one, and you can always accessorize if you need to add something to break up the all-over bald look.

Having a lumpy head or a weaker jawline normally means keeping your hair is the best choice. But that might not be possible if you’re also naturally balding.

You could instead look at getting a hair transplant, which is a permanent solution if you wanted to retain your hairline. Otherwise, it’s better to go bald than to leave your hair long while it’s visibly balding.

Balding man with combover

Just because you don’t have the perfect head shape to go bald, don’t let that stop you. It’s always better to have a weird bald head shape than it is to have any kind of head shape and a receding hairline that you’re holding onto.

There are lots of tips you can use to look good bald, including:

  • Updating your wardrobe and keeping up with the latest bald men’s fashion
  • Tanning your bald head (as safely as possible of course) so your head appears more even
  • Updating your skincare routine and moisturizing your bald head, so that your scalp stays healthy
  • Accessorize with glasses, even if you don’t need them, so that you’re breaking up the look of your face

Make sure, with that last one, that you’re careful to choose the best glasses for a bald look.

However, when we’re talking about a bad bald head shape, there are two key things to work on.

  1. Growing a beard

It’s not possible for everyone but if you can grow a beard, this will definitely help to improve your look if you have a ‘bad’ head shape for going bald.

This will help to lengthen the face, it can provide a focal point to distract from any features such as a bumpy head, and most importantly it can hide a weaker jawline.

Tyson Fury bald with beard

The bald-with-beard look is really popular these days, to the point that I’d recommend trying it even if you have the best bald head shape already, but for those that don’t it could be the key to your bald look.

Make sure you check my guide on how to pair a shaved head with a beard for tips on growing stylish facial hair.

  1. Lose weight and tone up

There are two reasons why prioritizing your overall health can improve your look if you have a bad bald head shape. Just being toned and adding some muscle to your upper body can make sure that people focus less on your odd-shaped head and more on how attractive you are as a whole package. 

weights at gym
Adding some muscle is one of the best ways to look better bald

But also, losing weight can help add more definition to the jawline, and make sure your head isn’t too wide.

So hit the gym, and strike a good balance between cardio and strength training. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet so that you’re improving your face shape and toning your body.


Is an oval head shape good for a bald haircut?

An oval head shape is one of the best options for a bald haircut. Having an oval head means your face looks long and naturally healthy, and there’s a good balance between your face and your crown. Adding a beard can improve things further but keep it short if you have an oval face or your head will look too long.

Will a diamond head shape look good bald?

Diamond-shaped heads are a good fit for a bald style since they generally mean you have a well-defined jawline, which looks masculine. With a diamond-shaped face, you’ll want to draw attention to your jaw, so only grow a light stubble if you want facial hair.

Will a square head shape look good bald?

Square head shapes can look good bald, since they typically mean a strong jawline, but they can also mean your head looks quite wide. It’s best to make sure you’re fit and toned, and if your head still doesn’t look great when bald, grow a beard if you can to add some length to your head.

Is an oblong head shape good for a bald head?

An oblong head shape can look good bald, provided there is plenty of definition to the jawline. If it looks too square then consider adding some shape either with a short beard or by accessorizing with glasses, just to soften the squared angles of the face.


I’ve said it already, but bald is always a better look than balding.

So, if you’re already losing your hair, I would recommend taking action. Shaving is a good choice if you’re not interested in a hair transplant or medication, regardless of the shape of your head.

But when you’re not balding and just thinking about going bald out of choice, you should check your head shape first and work out whether the look will suit you.

Make sure you read up on seeing how you would look bald before you commit.

If you have any other advice for guys who are thinking of shaving their heads but have a ‘weird’ head shape, leave a comment below!

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