Do Gingers Go Bald? The Truth About Redheads And Hair Loss

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Prince Harry

People have been unfairly making fun of ginger people for hundreds of years – it’s not some relatively recent trend. And while society has mainly matured over the last 20 years or so – South Park aside – there are still some people who think redheads are different.

And so the question is – do redheads go bald like people with other hair colors? Are there any well-known bald redhead men (or women)?

Or is there something special about red hair?

Let’s find out.

Do gingers go bald?

Ginger people do go bald. There is no link between hair color and most causes of hair loss, so a redheaded person is pretty much just as likely to lose their hair as someone with black, brown or blonde hair.

In summary:

  • Ginger people are no more or less likely than people with other hair colors to go bald
  • Balding gingers don’t go bald any faster than those with black, brunette, or blonde hair either
  • Redheads are slightly more susceptible to temporary hair thinning during the winter months
  • The best way to improve your look as a balding ginger man is to tone up and add a beard or other facial hair

One of the reasons people maybe don’t believe that someone can be bald and ginger is just because you’re less likely to see a bald redhead. But that’s not because of any link between the color of the hair and the likeliness of going bald.

Instead, it’s just down to the number of people who are redheads. It’s estimated that around 1% of people in the world have red hair, making it only as common as gray-white hair. Black is the most common hair color making up the vast majority of the world’s population, followed by brown and then blonde.

So if you were questioning whether you’ve ever seen a bald ginger man, it’s likely just because you haven’t seen many ginger guys at all compared to those with more common hair colors. So the odds of seeing someone who is both bald and ginger are lower.

Do gingers go bald quicker?

Ginger people don’t go bald quicker than people with other hair colors. In fact they often have thicker, fuller hair due to the increased amounts of pigmentation in each hair strand, but broadly the most common triggers for hair loss affect redheads in the same way as other people.

People who are blonde tend to go bald the quickest, but only if they are already suffering from a cause of hair loss, and even then it varies on an individual basis. However, it’s the melanin levels within someone’s hair that changes the color, and blonde people have the least.

Ed Sheeran

Melanin doesn’t just affect the color but the fullness of each strand, and that’s why blonde hair tends to break easier, which is why hair loss can be accelerated. But redheads actually have more melanin in their hair than blondes and brunettes – it’s just that it’s an increased level of pheomelanin, instead of the more common eumelanin which produces either the black or brown colors.

So when looking at whether redheads bald faster, they actually would go bald slightly slower than brunettes would.

Are gingers more likely to go bald?

Ginger people are equally as likely to go bald as people with other hair colors, with one minor exception – people with red hair are more prone to dry skin, and so can be more susceptible to winter hair loss. This is temporary, usually minor, and can be prevented with appropriate skincare routines.

The most common cause for baldness is hereditary hair loss, closely followed by hormone changes, medications and medical treatments, and stress. None of these are any worse or better due to the color of the hair.

So this idea that redheads don’t go bald as often as people with other colors of hair is just a myth.

A lot of people look at the British royals, and how Prince William has gone bald.

Prince William and King Charles

His brother Harry is a redhead, who until recently had much thicker hair. However, Prince Harry is now going bald at an alarming pace.

This is just down to pure chance. It shows you that redheads don’t go bald easier, but don’t take it to mean that they are less likely to go bald either.

The only time that hair color has an impact on hair loss is during the winter months. Winter hair loss is a condition where people shed their hair more frequently because the air is dryer, which causes the scalp to also become dryer. This can cause hair to lose moisture and be more prone to snapping.

Redheads are more prone to dry skin and so have a slightly elevated risk during the winter months, but it’s not permanent hair loss – just more frequent shedding, which can make hair look thinner while you wait for the hair to regrow in place.

To combat this, redheads can use moisturizer during the winter season on the hair and scalp, avoid excessive temperatures (and temperature changes), avoid using heat styling devices, and make sure they’re getting plenty of rest.

It’s worth noting that while gingers aren’t more likely to go bald, those who have hair that needs more maintenance – such as curly redheads – are more susceptible to hair breakage. Again this doesn’t mean they’re more likely to go bald, just that hair can appear thinner as it breaks more frequently.

Famous bald ginger people

Unsurprisingly, there aren’t as many famous bald red head celebrities as there are famous bald people who once had blonde, brown or black hair. But there are some notable names.

Ron Howard with bald head
By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 4.0

Potentially most famous of all is Ron Howard. Howard made it big with his appearances on Happy Days and is now a world-famous movie director, with some of his biggest films including Willow, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code.

If you’re trying to remember the name of that bald ginger comedian, then you’re probably thinking of Louis C.K. He’s more gray-haired now than he is a ginger but he is another example of the famous bald ginger men that have become worldwide names. He pulled it off with a signature goatee, something you could consider if you’re balding.

Louis C.K. before and after going bald

While she’s not bald, Grace Coddington is worth mentioning on this list – the former model and creative director of Vogue magazine has striking red hair but a hairline that is iconically high.

And into the world of fictitious characters, arguably one of the greatest video game villains of all-time is a bald ginger man – Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman) from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Debuting in 1991 he has appeared in the series for over 30 years. While he was portrayed in the movies with darker hair, when Jim Carrey brought him to life, the sequel saw him go bald with a more trademark red mustache.

What to do if you’re balding & ginger

If you’re a balding ginger and you aren’t sure what you should do, then the good news is that you’re already doing the right thing – you’re thinking about taking action.

Regardless of whether you’re ginger, brunette or gray, the worst thing anyone can do is let themselves slowly slide into a balding hairstyle.

You could shave it, and embrace the bald style. I would always recommend trying it if you’re not sure, but at the same time, it’s not for everyone.

But you’re going to want to try something – whether it’s shaving, medication or a transplant. So make sure you download my free PDF to help you decide what to do:

Otherwise, one of the best things you can do is look to break up your face. You can either do this by adding glasses to your look, or you can try to grow facial hair.

If you want glasses tips for ginger bald men, I’d recommend looking at darker frames – they’ll provide a nice contrast against paler skin.

And if you’re considering growing facial hair then make sure to follow my tips for grooming a beard effectively too.

I’ve always said that the best ways you can look good bald are to hit the gym, grow a beard and get a tan.

If you’re a redhead then you should be careful with that last one – maybe consider using a fake tanning product instead, if you’re happy to maintain it.

But if that sounds like too much work, just make sure you’re trying to tone yourself up at the gym, or at least doing some exercise to lose any extra pounds that you could stand to drop, and then try growing a beard and maybe give your wardrobe a refresh. Choosing darker colors helps to provide a good contrast against pale skin – black, navy and dark grays are good choices.


Do all gingers go bald?

Not all ginger people go bald. Ginger men are just as likely to go bald as those with any other color of hair. It’s estimated that around 25% of men will show signs of balding in their younger years, while 70% of men will lose at least some of their hair as they get older. Redhead men are exactly the same.


There you have it. Contrary to what you might’ve read elsewhere, gingers can go bald. They have a soul, they can get fat, they can have children and they can and will do everything that non-redhead people will do.

Hair loss isn’t affected by the color of hair, but the only reason this question exists is that ginger people are less common in the world, and so it’s not as often that you’ll see a balding ginger man.

Don’t panic if you’re a young ginger man who’s started going bald, there are ways to cope. But no matter your age, I’d recommend spending some time thinking about your image and what you might want to change as you go balding. Just don’t let the balding ginger look last for too long.

Are you a redhead who has started balding? Drop a comment below with how you’re tackling it. And if you want more advice make sure to check out the Bald & Happy Facebook page, too.

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