Cowlick or Balding? How To ‘Spot’ The Difference

As we age, our bodies are less able to replenish the hair we lose. This is different for everyone – some go completely bald in their 20s, and some people past 100 with a relatively full head of hair. For most of us, there comes a day when we catch our reflection in a mirror … Read more

25 Bald Celebrities With Beards Rocking The Upside Down Look

The beard is officially the bald man’s best friend. It takes an impressive bone structure to pull off a bald head without one, and the rich and famous are leading the way with the upside-down style. Here are 25 bald celebrities with beards any of us would be proud of, starting with the actors… Bald … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Shaving Your Head As A Woman

To millions of women, hair is a big deal. The idea of shaving it off seems unthinkable without knowing exactly what it would look like, and how people would react. But as scary as it is, an increasing number of women are taking the clippers to their once-flowing locks and choosing the buzz-cut instead. If … Read more