Why Is Jeff Bezos Bald?

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Jeff Bezos 2017

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world. And according to the Forbes rich list, he is also one of only two bald men on the top-10 richest people list (Steve Ballmer, a former Microsoft CEO, is the other).

But then why is Jeff Bezos bald? What caused it, and why hasn’t he undergone treatment to reverse it? 

Surely the third-richest man in the world could find a way to stop himself from going bald?

Why is Jeff Bezos bald?

Jeff Bezos has never discussed why he lost his hair, but photos of him in the 1980s look like he was suffering from male pattern baldness. The reason he is still bald could be because treatments became available too late, or it may be by choice.

The important things to know are:

  • Bezos started balding in the 1980s
  • Many treatments for hair loss came much later, including finasteride and FUE transplants
  • Bezos is not completely bald but the hair he does have is gray-white and kept shaved or close-cut
  • He has never talked about having any disease or other cause of hair loss

There are two questions that we need to look at here – why did Jeff Bezos go bald in the first place, and why hasn’t he done anything about it?

And with both questions, we’ll never know the answer for certain. When you become a billionaire there’s no law that states you have to publish intimate details of your medical history or your personal choices regarding your hair. So we’re reduced to speculation.

But we can make educated guesses, rather than wild ones.

Firstly – why did he go bald? All you need to do is look at pictures of Bezos back in the 1980s to see that he was showing the classic signs of male pattern baldness, and the typical receding hairline that it creates. He actually had quite thick hair around the sides and back of his head even as he lost it on the crown.

And while stress can be a factor, it’s worth remembering that he only became really successful after he was balding. Though of course, anyone can feel stressed – not just the owners of the biggest websites in the world.

But then why didn’t he do something about it? He’s got the money, after all.

Well firstly, we know that he started going bald in the 1980s, and medication like finasteride/minoxidil wasn’t approved for use in the US until 1992. Even that was only for treating prostatic hyperplasia – it wasn’t until 1997 that it was approved for treating male pattern hair loss.

There’s a good chance that, by the time Bezos could’ve started using medication, it was too late for him to recover it.

Jeff Bezos 2019

Why didn’t Jeff Bezos have a hair transplant?

So why not a hair transplant?

Again, it could be a timing issue. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) treatment has been popular since the 1980s but it may be that, since it was relatively new, Bezos didn’t want to try the treatment. Or, he might not have been a suitable candidate to have a whole strip of hair removed.

And then, by the time Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) was invented in 2003, it could be that his hairline had receded too far or he felt that the time had passed. By 2003 Amazon was turning a profit of $400 million and had been noteworthy for almost going bankrupt the year prior, so it’s not like Bezos was an unknown figure. 

He may not have been as globally famous as he is now but he was certainly a newsworthy figure in financial circles. He might have just decided to continue with the balding look since it was something he’d grown accustomed to over the prior 20 years.

Is Jeff Bezos completely bald?

Jeff Bezos is not completely bald. He has sometimes appeared in public with a completely shaven head, but at other times he still makes appearances where he has some hair at the back and sides. However, due to the fact that his hair is now a gray-white shade, it often appears that he is fully bald.

Bezos definitely shaves his head every now and then – most of the time that he is pictured these days, he has no hair at all. But there are times when he maybe doesn’t have time – the guy is pretty busy, I’m sure.

And so he does let it grow out every now and then. But because it never gets too long, and because of the color of the hair, he still appears as a bald man.

The only time people go completely bald is when there are medical reasons, like types of alopecia or as a reaction to treatments like chemotherapy. While most people are bald on top with hair at the back and sides, these factors can cause all the hair to fall out, even leaving someone without the standard ‘horseshoe’ pattern.

The fact that Bezos still shows his horseshoe every now and then points to male pattern baldness as the cause of his hair loss. I have exactly the same pattern of hair growth at the back and sides.

Jeff Bezos with hair

Jeff Bezos started balding at a young age, but when you’re as famous as he is, there will always be people who dig through your history. And so there are some photos of Jeff Bezos with hair when he was much younger.

Young Jeff Bezos with hair

The earliest pics of Bezos with hair are from when he was a kid, where his hair was actually quite long – unsurprising since he was a teenager in the 1970s when long hair was a common style. He kept the long hair into high school, too.

Jeff Bezos with hair as a teenager

However, as he got into his 20s, the hairstyle started to recede rapidly, a look that he ended up maintaining well into the 1990s.

Jeff Bezos 1999

Of course, now that Bezos is one of the world’s most recognizable businessmen, there have been plenty of fake news stories and photoshops of him with a new hairstyle. While I know these are created just for fun, it does show you that people still see his baldness as noteworthy.

The fact is, male pattern baldness can affect anyone, whether you’re the richest man in the world, or even Superman himself. People started asking whether Henry Cavill was balding a few years back, and just like Bezos, the actor’s hair loss journey has been very public.

Does Jeff Bezos take testosterone?

There are rumors that Jeff Bezos takes testosterone enhancers, fueled by the change in his physique in his 50s. However, there are contradictory reports where sources close to Bezos have denied he is on any kind of medication or supplement and that his body transformation is completely natural.

In the late 2010s, Bezos definitely made some changes to his lifestyle, because he suddenly started appearing more in the public eye, and he looked a lot more muscular and toned. He had previously cut a fairly regular figure, never unhealthy but certainly a little more ‘scrawny’ for lack of a better term.

So when paparazzi started capturing photos of him looking much more brawny and powerful, speculation mounted that it was more than just a change in daily routine. This was fueled by a tweet from Dr. Cameron Sepah, under his persona Dr. Cam Maximus.

But Sepah’s doctorate is in psychology, and he runs a business selling male hormone treatments, so it could just be that his opinion is speculative as a way of selling more of his product, and then the many articles which have followed are also pure speculation.

If Bezos had taken testosterone, it could have played a part in his hair loss. As explained by Hims, Testosterone replacement therapy can deliver real benefits, but it can also accelerate the effects of male pattern baldness.

While TMZ is always a sketchy source, they do quote someone close to Bezos who has claimed that the transformation is completely natural, which it definitely could be.

Some people have used photos that claim to show Jeff Bezos before and after testosterone but that could just as easily be a before/after of a new gym routine and diet plan.

So, is Bezos taking testosterone? I don’t know, and without access to his medical records we likely never will. He could be, but we know he works with a personal trainer and even at 50 you can get into shape with hard work.

Jeff Bezos 2022

Does Jeff Bezos have a disease that causes hair loss?

Jeff Bezos has never admitted to having a disease that causes hair loss and it would appear unlikely that he does. The fact that his hair loss has followed a typical receding hairline pattern would suggest that it is genetic or lifestyle-based.

There is a chance that a disease sparked his hair loss but that would be, again, baseless speculation. While we know some parts of his private life, his medical history has so far not been newsworthy enough for it to become public knowledge.

Meanwhile, anyone wondering why Jacob Batalon is bald should pay attention to the back and sides of the actor’s head. Even as a young man, Batalon is completely hairless, and was bald when he made his on-screen debut. Unlike Bezos and myself, this suggests alopecia is the cause of his baldness.


While there is a lot of rumor and conjecture about Jeff Bezos’ hairline, I honestly think that the evidence points more to a regular male pattern baldness cause and the fact that Bezos either wasn’t suitable for treatments by the time they became available, or he just wasn’t interested.

And now, with his recent glow-up thanks to his physical transformation, the bald head adds to the overall look. He’s a bit of a badass.

So if he has decided to stay bald by choice, I say well done. I think more men should embrace the look, as long as they’re comfortable with it, of course.

Over to you

If you were worth as much as Jeff, would you rock the bald look or splash the cash to get your hair back? Let me know in the comments below.

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