28 Bald Halloween Characters To Inspire Your Costume Choice

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Man in halloween costume

The Halloween season is a great time to get dressed up, whether you’re heading to a party or taking the kids trick or treating, and you want to join in with their costumes.

And if you’re bald, you might be looking for options that work well with your natural look, or that are easy.

Plus you might just hate the idea of wearing a wig!

So, here are the best bald characters for Halloween that you can try.

Top 3 Halloween ideas for bald guys

Jack Skellington

The main character from Disney’s A Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is the most popular person in Halloween Town – and you could be the most popular person at the Halloween party.

Skellington is my favorite of all the costume choices for bald guys, just because he’s so fun to dress up as. Grab a pre-made costume or just don a pinstripe suit, fashion a collar and go wild with the face paints.

If you’re already bald, I’d highly encourage the face paint option, combined with this costume (just throw away the mask):

Jack Skellington Costume

  • Jacket is fully lined in black satin!
  • Includes jacket, pants, vinyl bow tie, dickie, gloves, and full vinyl mask.
  • Officially Licensed

Pennywise (from IT)

For some people, it’s not a Halloween costume unless it’s scary. And few characters are as terrifying as Pennywise The Dancing Clown.

Whether you opt for a Pennywise closer to Tim Curry’s original, or the more modern Bill Skarsgård version, you’ll be able to haunt your neighborhood or party guests for hours of fun.

If you’re balding but not quite bald then great – you can try to grow the hair out and style it yourself!

Otherwise, you’ll need a wig, which tends to come with a bald cap anyway, so this is a good option for people who want to be a bald character without shaving their head.

Grab yourself a single red helium balloon to round off the costume.

Pennywise Costume

  • High-quality nylon cotton + pleated chiffon.
  • Six-piece clown costume
  • Includes LED clown mask, top, pants, decorative ropes, belt, & collar

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is one of the all-time classic Halloween costumes and if you’re already bald, it couldn’t be easier.

All you need is some dark eye shadow and a long black coat or tunic. If your skin isn’t pale enough you might need some extra makeup for that too, but otherwise, that’s it.

It’s a good option for Halloween since it’s fun but still fits in with the creepy, kooky idea of the season. And while the character is eternally popular, he’s been given another boost with the 2022 launch of Wednesday, the popular Netflix series.

The only downside is that you could meet a lot of Festers since he’s so easy to handle and so well-liked.

Uncle Fester Costume

  • Officially licensed
  • Faux fur trim
  • Part of a range – create your own Addams Family!

Walter White

If you prefer your Halloween costumes to be less spooky, and you just want to reference popular culture, then Walter White is a fantastic choice.

Even though Breaking Bad ended in 2013 – yes, that long ago – the character is now timeless, and a fantastic choice for Halloween costumes for bald bearded men.

Plus the costume is versatile. If you already own a green flannel shirt, or a beige jacket, you’ve essentially got a costume ready – just add a hat and glasses for the classic Heisenberg.

Otherwise, go all out with the yellow chemical suit to really stand out from the crowd. The downside to Walter White is that kids might not get the reference.

DuPont Tychem 2000 QC122S Disposable Chemical Resistant Coverall with Hood

  • Perfect Walter White costume
  • Attached hood with elastic around face opening
  • Zipper closure
  • Integrated socks composed of garment material

Bald Halloween characters

Here’s a look at some of the best options you have for bald Halloween costumes:


The Matrix movie may be quite old now by blockbuster standards but the characters’ iconic looks make for an instantly recognizable costume. 

All you need to portray Morpheus – arguably the coolest character – is a long black trenchcoat and the right pair of sunglasses

You could even carry around a stash of red and blue candy to offer people their choice of ‘pill’ but make sure everyone knows you’re not handing out actual drugs. Wrapped candies will be much safer! 

Morpheus Costume

  • Genuine leather with crocodile texture
  • Great attention to detail

Agent 47 (Hitman)

Agent 47 is a character from the Hitman series of games. And while in the games he often dons various costumes in order to get close to his targets, he is famous for his iconic black suit and red tie. 

If you don’t own a black suit then maybe avoid this one – it would be quite the investment just for a costume – but otherwise a red tie and a toy weapon of your choice is all you’ll need, as well as a friend to draw a barcode on the back of your neck. 

Men’s Red Necktie for Agent 47 Costume

  • Standard necktie: classic width in 2.35 in (6cm), total length: 58 in (148cm)
  • Premium microfiber


Take on the role of the ultimate supervillain from the Marvel comics and movies. 

The impressive gold costume and, of course, the infinity gauntlet, will have you looking awesome as you rule over the galaxy – or at least the party. 

Thanos Costume

  • Officially licensed in partnership with Marvel Studios
  • Deluxe Thanos costume includes jumpsuit, tabard top, mask, and fabric gauntlet
  • Pull-on closure

The Mask

You’ll look ssssssmokin’ as you take on the role of one of Jim Carrey’s most well-known characters. The striking yellow suit is all you need, along with some green makeup to cover your head. The fact that you’ll stop above the neckline as well means it’ll be easier to apply, and it’ll look more authentic as a ‘mask’ too.

Of course, you can add in some fun accessories too, whether it’s a beating heart to comically throw out from your chest or just a toy Milo dog. You’ll have no problems being the life and soul of the Halloween P-A-R-T. Y? Because you’ve gotta.

The Mask Costume

  • Includes matching yellow zoot suit jacket & trousers, shirt, spotted tie & yellow hat
  • Available in sizes Medium, Large, XL
  • Durable & breathable fabric


Popeye is a bit of a throwback but he remains a classic character. Grab your sailor outfit and pipe, and carry around your can of spinach and you’ll have the strength to carry all the bags of candy home. 

It’s a fun one to do with your partner as well if they’re interested in finding an Olive Oyl costume.

Popeye Costume

  • Shirt has faux buttons on front, hook and loop closure on back of neck
  • Red sailor collar attaches to shirt with hook and loop tab on front neck


If you want to be the big bad from the Harry Potter books and movies, you’ll just need a long black cloak, and ideally some form of nose prosthetic.

You’ll want a wand too, though if you choose the Elder Wand, brace yourself for die-hard fans to tell you it doesn’t really belong to you.

Voldemort Costume

  • Made of soft, breathable material
  • Includes robe, cloak, and mask

Dr. Evil

If you want to look ONE MILLION DOLLARS on Halloween then why not dress up as the iconic villain from the Austin Powers movies?

This is another great double-act costume if you have a child willing to don a bald cap to be your Mini-Me. A gray suit and some makeup for the facial scar, plus a toy cat, will complete your look.

Dr. Evil Costume

  • Includes jacket and pants
  • Durable – hand-picked fabrics and quality construction

Darth Maul

Some Halloween costumes take just a moment to prepare, but not this one – if you want to dress up as the Sith apprentice, you’ll need to spend a lot of time with your face paints, and ideally gluing on some prosthetic horns too.

But then, it’s just black robes and a lightsaber. And who doesn’t love waving a lightsaber around on Halloween?

Darth Maul Costume

  • Excellent quality and condition
  • Made by experienced tailors


Bane is arguably one of the best Batman villains from the comics (he’s the guy who broke the Bat).

Bane Vest

  • Faux leather
  • Faux fur shearling
  • 2 chest & 2 waist flap pockets
  • Premium Stitching

Bane was brought to prominence in The Dark Knight Rises by Tom Hardy, and is a really fun costume provided you don’t mind donning a mask for the night. You’ll have a lot of fun perfecting the voice anyway.

Bane Mask

  • Rubber mask
  • Well-made, durable and sturdy
  • Environmental and non-toxic


Felonious Gru is not just a villain, he really is a supervillain. A simple black jumper and pair of trousers, plus a striped scarf, is all you need for clothing – but a prosthetic nose is essential too.

This is another fun one to do if you’re a dad and you’ve three “gorls” to go trick-or-treating with.

Nose for Gru Costume

  • Includes one fake long Gru nose
  • High-quality
  • Free returns

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is an American comic book icon, and a really easy costume to pull off if you’re looking for something low-effort.

Scarf for Charlie Brown Costume

  • Classic gray and black striped Charlie Brown scarf
  • High-quality full acrylic scarf
  • Long and lightweight enough to wrap in multiple ways

As long as you get the yellow shirt with the black zig-zag design, you’re pretty much nailed it. A Snoopy toy would be a fun thing to carry around with you.

T-Shirt for Charlie Brown Costume

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable

Homer Simpson

Mmm…candy. Grab yourself a white shirt and a pair of jeans and you’re pretty much there with a Homer Simpson costume. It’s better to get the body and face paints out and paint yourself yellow though, even if it does mean it’s a lot more effort…d’oh!

Homer Simpson Costume

  • Product includes jumpsuit with padded belly and vinyl mask
  • Officially licensed

Captain Underpants

Feeling confident enough to walk around in just a pair of tighty-whities with a red cape? Then you could play the part of this famed children’s superhero.

Be careful with your audience though as if you’re just walking around the neighborhood when kids are out trick-or-treating, some people may not want to see you in your underwear. 

Captain Underpants Costume

  • Drawstring closure
  • High-quality satin fabric
  • Great elasticity and durability

Captain Picard

The famous Starfleet captain, Picard is an authoritative figure who commands respect, especially with the Trekkies. All you need is a standard Star Trek uniform (making sure you get the red one) and that’s it.

If you and your partner want to do a Star Trek duo, consider asking her to dress up as a Borg Queen.

Captain Picard Star Trek Costume

  • Officially licensed Star Trek shirt
  • Features panel detailing, pips, and a Starfleet insignia communicator pin

Billiard Ball

This one is a little more random but it’s good fun – grab yourself some blue fabric to wear as the baize, and then paint your head as your favorite billiard or pool ball.

Carry around a cue if you dare, but don’t be surprised if someone tries to poke you with it if you leave it laying around.

Pool Table Felt for Billiard Ball Costume

  • Felt material
  • Cut by the yard

Halloween makeup for bald guys

Sometimes you don’t even really need a costume, but instead, just some bald Halloween makeup will do.

The ideas here are countless, you could try all sorts of scary things including a skull:

A zombie:

Or how about something random, like a watermelon:

While these aren’t aimed at bald people, you can use these tutorials for some inspiration. Imagine taking some of these concepts and making them work across your whole head, instead of just your face:

Be careful as if you fall down a Pinterest or YouTube rabbit hole you could spend hours looking at Halloween makeup for bald guys.

And if you need good bald head Halloween makeup, there are prosthetic kits you can buy which will be fantastic for all your costumes.

Halloween costume ideas for bald guys with beards

Got facial hair that you don’t want to shave off? Then you’re going to want Halloween costume ideas for bald guys with beards. This way you don’t need to try to hide your beard or mustache while choosing your costume.

So here are the best bald and bearded Halloween costume ideas: 


Kratos made his debut on the PlayStation 2 console a long time ago now, when he didn’t feature any facial hair. But when the updated version of the God of War series hit the PlayStation 4, Kratos had returned with a more rugged look that included a now-iconic beard.

Playing Kratos takes some confidence as you’ll need to wear very little on your torso, but it also means you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with body paint to get the skin color and tattoos just right. Kratos is another good one to do as a partner with your child too, if they’re happy to dress up as Atreus.

Kratos Costume

  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable, breathable, and not easy to deform

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of the more prominent side-characters in the incredibly popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. There are other bald characters you could dress up as too, but if you’re rocking a beard then Master Roshi could be a fun costume with that older-mentor role.

Of course, if you’re so much of a fan of Dragon Ball Z that you’d consider Master Roshi as a costume for Halloween, then you’ll know he’s quite cantankerous and lecherous – don’t feel like you have to act the same way. At least ready-made costumes are easy to find.

Master Roshi Costume

  • Shirt has front buttons, false pocket welt, cuffed sleeves
  • Cuffed shorts have elastic back waistband, false fly at front
  • Foam bald cap has appliqued faux fur eyebrows
  • Faux fur mustache/goatee combo

Check out the other bald Dragon Ball Z characters you could dress up as too.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you’re a wrestling fan and you want to dress up as someone that’s instantly recognizable then the Texas Rattlesnake is a great choice.

Ideally, you’ll already have the stomach to just need the vest and denim shorts but grab a costume with a fake six-pack if you need a helping hand. And a couple of cold ones, of course.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume

  • Available in sizes Large, XL
  • No quibble returns policy

The Rock

Another option for wrestling fans, you could be the perfect tag team partner by taking on The Rock if your friend has already claimed Stone Cold.

To be The Rock, you just need a pair of plain black trunks, and you might want to paint on a fake ‘People’s Eyebrow’ if you can’t manage the move yourself. The fake tattoos will complete the look.

Temporary Tatto Kit for The Rock Costume

  • Printed with non-toxic ink
  • No mess, no fuss
  • Last for 3-5 days
  • Easily removed by rubbing alcohol, body oil, olive oil

Shaquille O’Neal

If you’re tall and you’re a fan of basketball legends then grabbing the famous 34 jersey of the Lakers to cosplay as Shaq for the night could be an ideal option.

Shaquille O’Neal Costume

  • Shaquille O’Neal 1999 Swingman home jersey
  • Machine washable
  • Heat-sealed front logo, player name and number
  • Officially licensed

In fact, do it if you’re short too – it’ll be an ironic costume that will get a lot of laughs. But if you take a basketball with you, be careful not to try to show off in the middle of a busy party.

Of course, Shaq isn’t the only basketball star you could choose. Here’s a list of bald NBA players to inspire your costume.

Halloween costume ideas for bald women

Whether you’re already a bald woman and you want to make the most of it for your Halloween costume, or you just want to try a bald look for this time of the year, there are plenty of choices.

Many of them, though, will just be a female version of one of the male characters above – a sort of parallel-universe idea where Captain Picard or Thanos was a woman.

But here are a handful of ideas exclusively for bald women:

GI Jane

Break out your favorite camouflage costume – we know you have one, but if not then anything dark green or brown will do – and pick up an army accessory pack to become GI Jane.

Technically she has a closely-shaven head so if you’re completely bald, consider adding a dark shade to create a fake hairline.

GI Jane Costume

  • Includes army hat, bullet belt, aviator sunglasses, and necklace
  • Bullets belt measures close to 60″

Ellen Ripley

Arguably one of the great sci-fi heroines of the late 1970s and the 1980s, Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley famously went bald in Alien 3.

A jumpsuit will be all you’ll need, though if you can grab an alien toy to carry around with you then you’ll leave no doubt as to who you are.

Ellen Ripley Costume

  • Standard shipping: 7-12 business days.
  • Expedited shipping: 3-5 business days

Ancient One

The Ancient One is a major character from the first Doctor Strange movie and the Marvel comics.

The costume for this one offers a lot of flair but it might be something a little less well-known to a general audience – probably a better choice if you’re heading to more of a geeky party.

Ancient One Costume

  • Includes handmade jumpsuit and belt


Nebula is another Marvel character, but considering her presence in multiple Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies, plus her very unique look, she’s arguably a character that is more recognizable than The Ancient One. You’ll need some heavy body paint or makeup to pull this one off but it could be a really fun look once complete.

Nebula Costume

  • Etsy star seller
  • Handmade Nebula shirt


Many of the most famous bald women characters are from the Marvel universe and Okoye is another solid choice.

A general in the Wakandan army, the character is famous in the comics and from both Black Panther movies, along with appearances in the Avengers films. Grab yourself a toy spear to complete the look.

Okoye Costume

  • Soft & comfortable
  • Polyester

How to make yourself look bald for Halloween

You can easily make yourself look bald using a bald cap. If you have long hair you’ll want to get one that includes a hairnet, to help keep your hair tight to your head, otherwise the bald cap will look lumpy. Use makeup to blend the bald cap into your skin for the best look.

You can find bald caps in different colors but they don’t seem to have a wide range of shades, so if you want to match your skin color you’re going to need to use makeup all over the cap once you’ve applied it. 

Cheap bald caps are made from latex and pre-colored, with one set size.

But for just a few dollars more you can get a more premium bald cap option that can be cut to the proper size, and include some of the makeup products you’ll need to blend with your skin.

Here’s a look at how to apply a bald cap:

There are also a lot of bald characters you could go as for Halloween where you just buy a whole-head mask. The effect won’t look as good as using a bald cap, but it will be a lot less time-consuming, and it’s easier if you are traveling to your Halloween event, and don’t want to be in full makeup during the journey.


If you want to go for a famous character from scary movies, TV, or film, there are plenty of fantastic costumes for bald people that are really cheap and easy, and make the most of your pre-existing bald head.

If you’re not already bald then makeup and a bald cap can look completely convincing too. In fact, why not go to a party as one of your bald friends? If they’ve got a good sense of humor then they’ll love it!

There’s also lots more Halloween chat over at our Facebook page – we’d love to see you there!

What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever pulled off for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.

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